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Author Topic: HRT4-ZW and Aeon Labs Smart Switch  (Read 811 times)

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HRT4-ZW and Aeon Labs Smart Switch
« on: April 27, 2014, 02:27:07 pm »
I have replaced a faulty ASR today that was paired with a HRT4-zw. 
Both devices were included in Vera, then i used "A" on the HRT4-zw to pair the ASR to the HRT directly.  It all worked great.

I have now added the Aeon Labs Smart switch in vera, and done the same association with the HRT4.  It works for a few minutes, but 30 mins or so later it won't work directly at all, by setting a new set point in vera or from the dial. 
The Aeon works directly from Vera, but nothing else.

I tried setting an association, Group 1, in Vera - set on the HRT4 settings on the Aeon, but this didn't even work temporarily.
How do i get direct linkage between the two?

I have tried removing both devices from the entire network and re-adding - nothing.

I want the ability for vera to set the thermostat set point, and also the energy and status on the aeon too, hence both in Vera. 

Thank you.

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