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Author Topic: MyVera, Web interface for the Vera - now in English  (Read 19726 times)

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Re: MyVera, Web interface for the Vera - now in English
« Reply #30 on: April 12, 2015, 02:43:46 pm »
I must say this takes it to a new level, and its this i have been looking for :)

I have a few questions a hope someone can answer.

My plan is to run this on a 22" touch monitor but i have some weird issus.

When i use it on My ipad everything is working perfectly, but when i try it on a win 8 with touchscreen monitor i get different resolut depending on browser.

On google chrome, if i use a mouse and click on a light it instantly turn on, and if i press it i get The dimmer. But if i use the touchscreen and tap on an icon it do not work. I need to hold for 0,5 sec then it lights up and if i press longer The dimmer comes up but altso the right click menu. (The hold for right click is dissables in controlpanel)
When i tap other links on a website its working with tapping.

On firefox The tap is working but i never get The dimmer. But when using mouse i get the dimmer when holding.

On opera i get The same as chrome.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?