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Newbie: problems with window motor

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I am new to Z-wave. Have a VeraLight, Aeon 4-in-1 sensors indoors and out, and a Fakro ZWS12 window motor. The sensors seem to be working reliably. I can control the motor from the dashboard after including/configuring it, but then it seems to lose touch and stops responding, either to manual control through the dashboard, or through the logic that I have setup in the PLEG app. I then need to exclude/include it again, or sometimes can get it to configure again.

Is anyone using these window motors and able to share any tips? Very grateful for any insights as I'm new to all this and probably doing something silly.

Oh, and does the motor report its status? I would like to test whether it is open before telling it to close. As far as I can see the status and target parameters remain unchanged regardless of the position of the window.

I can make it all work if I leave the motor right next to VeraLite, even though it shows up as not configured, and healing only gave it Mios as a neighbour.
Now I've moved it a few metres away (and close to one of the battery-operated sensors) and it has stopped working, won't configure and won't heal.
Does it sound like I need more devices, say a repeater or two, in order to get more of a mesh?
Thanks for any and all advice!

Yes, looks like you need more repeating Z-Wave nodes. Remember that battery-powered devices do not do repeating. In my experience, the more Z-wave devices you have, the more the network becomes reliable.

When adding devices relatively far from Vera, I find it better to move Vera to the device and configure the device at its final place to get a more accurate reading of neighbors.  HTH.


A couple of questions to the Fakro Window motor:

1. Did you get it to work reliable in the "end position at the window" away from the Vera?
2. Is it working as a repeating Z-Wave node? I assume it is not battery operated?
3. Can it be fitted on "any" normal top-hung wall window, or only on Fakro roof windows?
4. Where did you buy it?
5. How does the device present itself to the Vera? As a dimmable light switch? Does the "light" level indicate the opening?

Please share your experience with this device


Fl Dave:
Hello FJL,

Is your Fakro ZWS230 now working? Do you have any tips on how to get it to work with remote and Vera?


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