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Author Topic: Question about Magnetic/Electronic Dimming  (Read 953 times)

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Question about Magnetic/Electronic Dimming
« on: April 03, 2013, 04:37:14 pm »
I'm having a bit of a problem trying to figure out how to dim several sets of low voltage lights in a home media room. Here's what I need to accomplish:

1 - We have a 150W Magnetic transformer powering a LED tape light in the ceiling where we'd like to have zwave on/off/dim control.
2 - We have an Electronic transformer powering 3 small gimbal lights (15W load total) where we'd like zwave on/off/dim control
3 - We have 10W electronic transformer powering 2 small gimbal lights (10W load total) where we'd like zwave on/off/dim control

I need to be able to control each set of lights (on/off/dim) separately, so I purchased the Leviton RF+ Magnetic Low Voltage Dimmer and 2 of the Leviton RF+ Electronic Low Voltage dimmers, had the electrician come out to install, and he was unable to get the magnetic dimmer to control the load. He was unsure about where to wire in the switch since it requires 120V, he thought it would burn up the lights and/or transformer, but this doesn't make sense to me? Wouldn't the switch/dimmer just be dimming the load its receiving from the transformer? I assume that the switch itself just needs the 120V to operate correct? The LED tape lighting it controls is very expensive, so he was uneasy about it.

And my next problem is with the electronic low voltage switches, apparently they require a minimum load of 40W? So they will not work what I need?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.