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Author Topic: Evolve LRM-15 (LRM-AS) dimmer association and double tapping  (Read 1493 times)

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I have two questions I haven't find in the forum. I have these LRM-15 / LRM-AS dimmers from evolve, work great.

I am looking to associate two of them but it seems that it is not working. I did it through device option in Vera and created Group 1. It doesn't do anything at all.

In the other hand, I read in this link (http://support.smartthings.com/entries/23398601-What-Can-I-Do-with-an-Evolve-LRM-AS-Z-Wave-In-Wall-Dimmer-) that there is an app called "Double Tap" that can make my evolve dimmers to turn on any other dimmers when double pressed, but I can't find that app, I don't know if that web is a trusted one.

Thank you.