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I decided to try one of these as it looked like it has some interesting new features compared to my trusty harmony 1100. I've not had Chance to have a full play yet but the wifi hub on it has me wondering if this might mean vera can control stuff via IR ?

The wifi hub at its centre lets any IOS or android device send commands via IR and also let's its play direct with Zigbee philips HUE lights.  I'm guessing that potentially therefore it would be possible to send commands out via vera in so fashion ?

Anyone seen it or got any experience if that might be possible ? Having a wifi hub to control IR devices ain't new of course but this works rather nicely with the option of using a regular remote and or your phone , tablet. If vera could pile out a few commands along with a "watch movie" scene that would be more than impressive......yes, I do need to get out more.

Well, in general this should be possible. At least there are configurations where the vera sends commands to IR Blasters. Search for "SQ Blaster" or "redeye" in this forum.

Basically this depends on logitech, they would need to provide the information how commands could/should be sent. So you should try to get some developper informations for the device, but that is going to be hrd with logitech I guess.

I will try and see what's around, I'm sure given the nature of it there will be something around at some point. It's a excellent device the wifi to IR unit really is powerful it controls everything in the room even stuff out of lie of sight but its clear to see the unit s packed with IR emitters so it must throw out a lot of light (my old harmony 1100 was also quite powerful). The really is a very good product from logitech ( they have their moments then seem to loose (squeezebox was a lost opportunity) but this sees them again with an excellent product. I need to get out of the habit of pointing the remote at things as it no longer matters....

If and when its possible to have vera throw out some commands to this it would be a killer product especially as the Wifi IR unit is available by itself for those wanting to control it with a phone or tablet.

You can either wait for Logitech to have a set of API's (good luck with that) or either you or someone else reverse engineer the api calls.

- Garrett

If you have a media center PC near your TV, take a look at the instructions here: If I'm correctly understanding what you want to do, it seems like this would solve the problem.

I don't have a media center PC, so I bought a $35 Raspberry Pi computer and a $20 MCE remote/receiver and modified the instructions above to suit a Linux environment.  I then programmed my Harmony remote to send the appropriate MCE keypresses when I push one of the Activity buttons (such as "Watch a Movie") on the remote.

The Pi uses very little power, so I leave it on all the time, and the required software is all free (Raspian, LIRC, irexec and wget). I've been running this setup 24/7 for the past 3 months without so much as a hiccup.

Let me know if I can provide more detail.


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