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Author Topic: Controlling channel lists for DTV using DirecTV plugin with Vera via SQ Remote  (Read 2996 times)

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Hello all.  Longtime lurker, first time poster here.  I have 25+ devices controlled by my Vera2 including my recently added 4 DirecTV boxes using the DirecTV plugin that I believe Guessed created.  Until I found the DirecTV plugin, I used an SQ Blaster to control my 4 boxes via SQ Remote. 

When I was using my SQ Blaster to control my DirecTV boxes, I created a template with all the buttons you would find on the DTV remote.  I also created a channel list with network logos to scroll through and change channels as well.

When I switched to the DTV plugin, I mapped all my buttons to the corresponding DTV box commands through SQ Remote => Vera.  Example in my SQ Remote via Vera is "NumericEntry-2" corresponds to pressing 2 on the remote.  All the buttons work just fine, however the channel list I created no longer works.  After I assign the channel list to the associated DirecTV box, when I press a channel like CBS 2, I get this error: Missing Command Error The device is missing the standard command named Digit 2.

I have attached a screenshot of the error code in my SQ Remote and then the list of commands in my DTV list through SQ Remote.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I fix this so that I can still use the channel list to change channels on my DTV setup?  This was pretty convenient most of the time.

Thanks in advance and look forward to any responses.
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SQRemote internally "names" (and codes) each function it sees from the SQBlaster, from a master/normalized list they keep.  These function names have a different form than those used by MCV, even if they represent the same logical functionality.

ie. "urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:NumericEntry1"/"1" in the MiOS world and "DIGIT 1" (or SQKeyCode=41) in SQRemote's

The SQBlaster Plugin has a conversion phase where I map the internal SQRemote function names onto their counterpart MCV names.  I worked out this mapping by trial and error (mostly)

In the case you're describing, I imagine SQRemote has no way to "map" their internal name ("DIGIT 2"), needed for Lists, onto the counterpart MCV Code for the same functionality.  If done, it would require them to reverse-map that onto MCV's namespace.

Since this is largely needed for "Digits", you could likely work-around it by having the SQBlaster handle "just the digits (and enter?)" as one SQRemote device, and have the rest handled by the DirecTV Plugin....  It'll be clunky, but it'll work and it'll work faster/more predictably than the "going via Vera" route... esp for real-time/AV control.

The alternate would be to convince the SquareConnect lads to add in the functionality to SQRemote directly (with some sort of externalized name Map in the export so it could be configured)

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Guessed, thanks for responding to my post, I sort of figured you would know and was hoping you would see it and chime in.  Thanks again.

FYI, I did open up a ticket with SquareConnect and John did get back to me with a workaround.  If anyone else runs into this or anyone else cares, the workaround is to create a scene per channel on the DirecTV box and assign the scene in the channel list in SQ Remote.  So I created a Room and called it DirecTV1 and then created 36 scenes for that roomTh, one for each channel, ala ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, CBS etc. etc. assigned to that room.  Then in SQ Remote, under the Channel List section, you can add each channel to the channel list and assign the 'scene' for each channel added.  This creates the nice scrolling channel list for all favorites with logo and such.  Works pretty well and worth the time and effort entering all the scenes for me.

Thanks to Guessed for insight and to John at SquareConnect for a good workaround for me.