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Author Topic: Does Kwikset and Vera3 distinguish whether locked from indoors or outdoors?  (Read 972 times)

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I am looking to purchase a Vera3 and a Kwikset electronic deadbolt lock with smartkey and z-wave.  I want to have scene that would arm my alarm (and the inside motion detectors) when I lock the Kwikset from the outside (via the lock button).  However, I also want a scene that would do a "STAY" arm when I lock the Kwikset from indoors (by rotating the latch).

Does the Kwikset and Vera3 recognize whether the lock was locked from indoors or outdoors?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Yes, there are separate notifications/events for Lock Button Pressed (outside) and door locked - though door locked could be by key from the outside or by the lever on the inside (or through Vera).