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Author Topic: Getting Around No Neutral When Light Switch Controls A Wall Outlet  (Read 2573 times)

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Do you have a light switch that control a wall outlet? Does that switch you are wanting to replace only have 1 bundle of wire? So basically the power is originating in wall outlet and the switch is just breaking the circuit. Typically in older homes you will find this setup to control a lamp. I got around not having a neutral in these switches and still got light control. Now I can also move my lamp around the room without re-wiring any wall outlets and I can add more lamp modules if I want. This is how I did it.

Quick Answer:
Open up the wall outlet and rewire the wires so that the light switch has power. The Z-Wave Light switch won't actually break circuit but you can use it as a scene controller or trigger to control the lamp module.

You will need:
  • A lamp or appliance module.
  • A z-wave enabled light switch or scene controller.

  • Turn of Power off @ breaker and confirm with volt meter or pen
  • Remove cover from outlet and pull it out.
  • Check for power again, just to make sure wire in back is not still hot
  • You will find that more than likely find line in from breaker, line over to switch, and possibly a line to another outlet. You may be unsure which is which but if that is all that is hooked in this box is the switch and other outlets you will be fine. Hook all whites to whites, all blacks to blacks, all grounds to grounds.
  • Remove Switch Plate and unhook the wires from existing light switch
  • Install Z-Wave Device Per Instructions, Line or hot wire from wall switch, Neutral, and ground.
  • So now this switch is wired for power. Turn Power Back on
  • Add both devices to your Vera network
  • Create a Scene to turn lamp module on and off. 
  • Use the Light Switch as trigger for the scene.