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Re: Plugin - IPhone Locator
« Reply #930 on: May 11, 2017, 02:59:29 pm »
@amg0, the original discussion started with trying to understand the best Ping settings as I was in the midst of discovery of try to find the best presence detector. I first started off with the Ping plug-in but soon discovered that not all devices in particular iPhone's seems to fall asleep and does not always return a response reliability when pinged (as shown in my graph). I then developed a Bluetooth detector using a RPI3 that sent HTTPS commands to VERA to run prescribed scenes which work well providing that one's phone was within the 30 meter zone excluding any object interference (e.g. walls, floors ect..). So whilst in the Ping thread, @Don Phillips indicated that he was getting great responses whilst using iPhone Locator App where he provide DataMine 2 graph showing both connectivity and distance. Out of being uninformed ::) I questioned how and/or what did the iPhone locator app do to be able to achieving this feat? Mike

IPhoneLocator relies on iPhone and iCloud behavior. regularly iPhone updates iCloud with the gps location of the iPhone and IPhonelocator polls the location from iCloud services on the web. the periodicity at which iPhone reports location remains a mistery but seems somehow linked to the periodicity at which IPhoneLocator polls iCloud. but it is not perfect. There is also the fact that if iPhone lose gps visiblity , apple use other mecanisms ( like internet access point ) to locate the device

Then the many plugin settings allow to customize to users specific pattern & situation. you chose between constant , or distance-based or arrival enroute time estimation based polling frequency.
Also the IPhonelocator can be put in Mute and then UnMuted ( which restart the location pollings ) when some other event happens ( like a main house door opens ) etc ...

Finally House modes are controled automatically

with lots of trial , experience, and user based custom situation, it usually works quite reliably

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Re: Plugin - IPhone Locator
« Reply #931 on: May 11, 2017, 04:50:56 pm »
Very reliably, which is why I donated a few Euro's to the author. Thanks, amg0.
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Re: Plugin - IPhone Locator
« Reply #932 on: May 12, 2017, 07:57:03 pm »
Hey thanxs to both of you taking the time to explain. I've agree with both of you the iPhone Locator plug-in so far does the best job in regards to connectivity and providing phone distance measurements. As I made mention earlier I was fumbling (more like exploring/learning) to come up with a working/reliable presence device and learned a lot about RPI3 and LINUX commands/programming which is very similar as used on VERA, DataMine 2 and sending HTTPS commands to VERA via another device (RPI3) so.. It wasn't a total loss as I make mention on several of my posts "I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!".

I agree with Don, I too will make a donation to the author. Mike
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