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Author Topic: Z-WAVE.me WallC-S seems to freeze or takes 3-8 s to send a scene (sometimes)  (Read 687 times)

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I use WallC-S on vera3 and Vera Plus (last firmware) to send scene (param 1,2: 0; 11,12,13,14 = 4, good Luup code to use lastsceneid) with the same problems which seem to be more important with the Vera Plus :

  • When I push a button, sometimes the scene runs immediately, sometimes it takes 3- 8 seconds. Scenes are all similar : switch on/off a relay
  • When I push randomly (or the same) button every 2-4 second for example, after 10-15 seconds, the red light which indicates your push action, stops lighting, as the module is frozen. After around 40s it runs "normally" again.

Zwave.me reply :
we have test it in Vera and Zway. Your problem is in Vera Only. In Z-Way we do not have find this issues.
It seems to be a overload form the controller. The Vera cannot process, to many command in short time. If the Wall-C do not get a answer from controller, send the Wall-C no command to controller, so long the controller has not answered.

Have you experienced the same issues ? Have you totally or partially fixed them ?
Do you think a inclusion in unsecure mode can be better ?
Vera 3 includes only in unsecure mode, isn't it ?

Thanks for your help