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Author Topic: Program Logic Version 7.45 is available  (Read 101564 times)

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Program Logic Version 7.45 is available
« on: November 18, 2013, 08:14:35 am »
See the following thread for details on how to upgrade:

Version 7.47
  • Add Support for Counters
    There are two types of Counters:
    • Ordinal
      This can be incremented by a PLEG/PLTS Action IncrementCounter. This can be done by a Scene, HTTP request or a PLEG/PLTS condition action.
    • Time
      This accumulates the time (in seconds) from when the timer is started and stopped.
      There are two PLEG/PLTS Actions  StartCounter and StopCounter to start/stop the accumulation of time.
      NOTE: A Time counter can NOT trigger the evaluation of PLEG/PLTS conditions. But a new value is computed every time any evaluation occurs.
    There is also a ClearCounter action that can be used on either type of Counter.
  • On UI7 fix the condition editor ... it can now access the House Modes as well as the newly added Counters
  • Fix a bug in casting Input Properties as Booleans.
  • Fix a bug allowing duplicate names if you used different case.
  • Add hyperlinks between conditions and actions in status report.

Version 7.45
  • Trap Error when Trigger not fully defined.
  • In Property Editor, group by ServiceID, helps to distinguish similarly named properties.
  • UI7 - Cleanup UI for Conditions Editor
  • UI7 - Fix bug in Setting Startup LUA to an empty value.
  • UI7 - Cleanup Comments Editor

Version 7.43
  • Improve Error Reporting ... so users can more easily self diagnose problems.
  • Fix LUA handling of return status
  • Final fixes to support House Modes in UI7
  • Flag error when UI7 does not report it's serial # correctly so the license is generated correctly.

Version 7.35
  • Allow DoorLock triggers to go false if the door locks sl_UserCode property is cleared.
    You can clear a lock code from the Advanced Tab of the Actions Editor. I do this on delayed action:
    Device=PLEG Device
  • Fix bugs when values for triggers are changed while Vera is rebooting.

Version 7.33
UI7 - Improvements Release Only
  • Reload available from top level tabs (Needed if you want Vera to utilize new configuration)
  • Workaround MCV problem with saving more than 20+ actions.
  • Add a "Customize" option in the actions editor to allow putting Condition Expressions in as arguments to numeric or menu selection arguments.
  • Fix occasional absent "Immediate" tab.

Version 7.31
  • Add Exports
    This allows a Condition(s) to be exported. Another PLEG or PLTS can import this condition as a device property.
  • Finish the implementation of House Mode Triggers for UI7.
  • Some Bug Fixes

Version 7.27 and 7.29 were bug fix releases for UI7.

Version 7.25 is available
  • UI7 - Improve Reliability with UI7 by removing MCV JavaScript data access.
  • UI7- Cleanup various usability issues and UI bugs as a result of UI7 changes
  • UI7 - Add editor for defining Vera Mode Triggers. These are not working yet. Waiting on some input from MCV.
  • UI7 - Add new Action for the PLEG device to allow setting the Vera Mode via an action.
  • UI5, UI6, UI7 - Add new operator =~
    The left hand side is a string to searc, the right hand side is a search string i.e. "SomeSubString"
    It can also be a LUA search pattern (Regular Expression like)   i.e. "/SomePattern/"

Version 7.21
UI7 Fixes only
  • Add Action Editor (Sorry the Graphical Part is not working yet).
  • Fix Not connected reporting bug.
  • Fix some of the reliabilty issues in UI7 - One more set of changes is needed
The next release will address:
  • Finish Action Editor (Graphical Mode)
  • Remove MCV UI7 JS Data Access to resolve reliabilty issues
  • Add Vera Mode Input Triggers and Actions to Change Modes

Version 7.11
  • Fix a bug in Triggers that allow you to specify a conditional (i.e. Light Level)
  • Change Registration Reporting
  • Part 1 of UI7 Support ... Still need to do an Action Editor

Version 6.91
  • This is PLC only fix. This handles an error in writing to the file system. Sometimes it fails and causes the PLEG to indicate a license problem.
    This does not fix the underlying problem of failing to write to the file system. If you have multiple PLEG/PLTS devices when this happens ... startup will be slowed

Version 6.9
  • Fix Problem in bridged environment.

Version 6.8
  • Fix Problem with rapid restarts

Version 6.7
  • Add ability for comments to PLEG/PLTS.
    Comments can be added/viewed for all of the following:
    • Input Triggers
    • Input Schedules
    • Input Device Properties
    • Conditions (Either the Condition Display or Condition Editor)
    • Actions for a Condition
    They can be viewed from the Report and Status commands.
    When you hover the mouse over the names for the above ... it will display the current comment.
    Double Click on the name to add/change the comment.
  • Add a "Do It Now" button in the Actions editor to allow you to immediately run your actions (Assumes they have been saved).
  • Fixed a dependency graph issues with !XXX in a sequence expression.
  • Fixed bug in Seconds of timestamp in Standalone file.
  • Fixed bug if you opened Actions before Input, Conditions, or a Report
  • Fixed bug that would not allow you to reuse a trigger if you deleted it, until you reloaded the browser.
  • Fixed bug that would not allow a PLTS in License Free mode, it was considered to have to many conditions.
  • Collect Garage after every evaluation. Report Memory.

Version 6.6
  • Added a Backup/Resore option for PLEG/PLTS.
    The files are accessible via the APPS -> Develop Apps -> Luup Files interface. (i.e. they are in the /etc/cmh-ludl area on Vera).
    This is not an export/import. There are still a number of device references that need to be fixed if you want to restore this into another DeviceID.
    Edit the file ... find references to the OLD DeviceID and change to the NEW DeviceID.
    Note ... If you rename the file ... you will also have to edit the name on the first line of the file.
  • Fix bug, where multiple restarts cause the license to be invalidated.
  • Add more Debug messages to help identify the cause of an intermittent problem. Looks like we might have an intermittent LUA error

Version 6.5
  • Add some Debug messages to help identify the cause of an intermittent problem.
  • Added a Startup LUA for the PLEG/PLTS devices. This is equivalent to the the Startup LUA for scenes.
    Each PLEG/PLTS devices has it's own Startup LUA.
  • Sort Inputs (Triggers, Schedules, and Device Properties) alphabetically (Case insensitive)
    This is done in both the editors and the reports.
  • Sort Actions alphabetically (Case insensitive)
    This is done in both the editors and the reports.
  • Add a cancel option to the Actions editor.
  • Send Logs and Reports to separate windows.
  • Minor Report cleanup

Version 6.0
  • Set the default state to ARM for new PLEGs.
  • Make the PLEG/PLTS reports more readable.
  • Allow LUA for Actions for PLEG/PLTS
    This has the same behavior as a SCENE Level LUA ... i.e. if it returns false, it stops executing the explicit actions. If it returns nothing or true it will run the explicit actions.
    The LUA has context (unlike a scene).
    For each input Variable name or Condition name xxx you have access to it from LUA as
    Where XXX is the uppercase of the input or condition name.
    And XXX.state is the value,   XXX.seq is the On time stamp and XXX.oseq is the Off time stamp.
    XXX.seqh is a history of the last N on time stamps (max of 10, not saved across restarts, only the most recent one is) XXX.seq should always equal  XXX.seqh[1]
    The seqh is currently only used internally for the Multi-Trigger checks.

    The LUA context is unique for each Plugin. You can share global variables between Actions, but not between PLEG/PLTS devices or Vera Scenes.
  • I have removed the behavior of the "_" in the first character of the name of a Condition.
    I have added a "Repeat" check-box to control if actions will be repeated with a true condition.
    When the plugin's are updated, this will be automatically set for previous conditions that started with an underscore.
    After conversion, leading _ are ignored. You can rename your conditions ... I do not do this for you.
    The implied State Variable Action will continue to have an Implied Repeat. You can defeat this with LUA by looking at the time stamp  (i.e.  XXX.state is same but XXX.seq is different)
  • Turn on License for PLEG Plugins.
    There is a Register Tab in your PLEG/PLTS device. You can register from any device.
    Licenses are paid via PayPal from a Registration website accessible from the Register tab.

    Starting April 1 the PLEG/PLTS devices will be licensed.  The license is required for any Plugin greater than Version 4.5
    Existing users will have approximately 1 month to register.

    You get 30 days free unlimited access from time of your first install. For existing users this period has likely expired.
    To reset the date ... delete all PLC, PLEG, and PLTS plugins and re-install the plugins.
    After 30 days, unlicensed users are allowed a total of 3 PLEG and/or PLTS devices each with a max of 5 inputs and 5 conditions.

    You can obtain a license that will allow you to create 4 PLEG/PLTS devices.  (You can obtain as many licenses as you need).
    A license is $5.50+tax
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Re: Program Logic Version 5.92 is available
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2013, 06:47:07 pm »

Version 5.91/5.92
  • This version fixed a bug that limited the minimum interval time to 10 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug when you downgrade  from UI6 to UI5.

Version 5.9
  • UI5 and UI6 are both supported
  • Fixed a bug in using the Scene editor after using the PLEG/PLTS action editor.
  • The StartTimer has an optional intervalTime argument. You can use it to set/override the OFF interval time. This allows Actions to control the timeout.

Version 5.8
  • Restricted access to UI5 until the UI6 testing has completed.
  • Fix bug when you rererence conditions in an Action, Previously it could access the Previous value
  • Fix some problems related to creating new PLTS instances, which required you to manually set the debug variable to 0
  • Fixed the reporting of the OFF time when you use Do It Now

Version 5.7
  • Completed the State Logic Work from 5.6, Now you can have Actions on the State Variables.
  • Ability to access/change the PLEG Log status and reports from the control panel.

Version 5.6
  • Added Support for recording the Off Time Stamps of Triggers, Schedules and Conditions. For Device Properties, it records the previous transition.
  • Add new # and #!  Unary Operators ... They returns the time On/Off Stamp respectively  of the the following argument.
  • In a Sequence Expression you can use the !Token to reference the Off Time Stamp of the following argument (Token in this example).
    In conjunction with a self start timer ... this becomes very useful to have a delayed action, with one second precision.

    Trigger                 SomeExpression to start the delayed action
    DelayedAction       Trigger and (Trigger; !SelfStartTimer)

    The action for Trigger starts the timer called SelfStartTimer. When it expires ... DelayedAction will fire.
  • Create the concept of a State Variables.
    For Conditions that are named:


    When  any StateName$StateValN becomes true,  the variable StateName gets assigned value of StateValN
    You can use StateName in your condition expressions.

    The following example cycles between 3 states at the specified interval:
    Interval  -- Some interval timer!

    State$s1    Interval and (State eq "s3") and (State; Interval)
    State$s2    Interval and (State eq "s1") and (State; Interval)
    State$s3    Interval and (State eq "s2") and (State; Interval)

    Without the (State;Interval) in this example,  it would cycle through each state during successive evaluation of the conditions during the same interval.
    This only allows one state change per interval.
  • Fixed Bug that caused report to fail sometimes.
  • Status Report Now Reports Off Time Stamps and State Variables.
  • Reports with NOW variables will now work correctly.

Version 5.5
New features and some bugs fixes that a few people have noted.
  • Add the options to Toggle a Timer ON/OFF from the Input/Schedules tab.
    Note: I can not actually cancel a timer once scheduled. So this tries to it's best when you manually toggle. Depending on the timer type, there can be some unexpected results. In general this will do what you expect
  • Fixed a bug that removed some Scene editing buttons, after you edited some actions
  • Delete corresponding Notifications and Scene Triggers when you delete a conditions.
    Now Rename a condition will also fix Scene Triggers that reference that condition.
  • Speed up the startup process
  • Fix Bug where String Evaluation of String variables caused the value to be upper cased
  • For Number and String conditions, only get a new time stamp and fire conditions when the value changes. (However this is subject to the underscore as first character of a condition name rule)

Version 5.4
New features and some bugs fixes that a few people have noted.
  • Fix a bug introduced in 5.3 that did not allow strings that were denoted with single quotes.
  • Fix a bug in renaming an inputs or a conditions. Previously it would match any part of a name ... now it has to match the whole name.

Version 5.3
New features and some bugs fixes that a few people have noted.
  • Correctly Escape Strings to support International Languages correctly
    (Needed when Actions contains Notifications to Vera Alerts etc.)
  • Detect Changes made during restart (also handles initializing state of new triggers/conditions.
    On startup if triggers/conditions eval to different than last time saved ... the timestamps and values will be set and may cause actions to fire.
  • Fix bug when deleting a device that is referenced in  a delayed action ... and the action is still active.
  • Added an action to the PLEG/PLTS to allow you to set a device variable in an action (using the Advanced Tab for Actions) This should reduce some of the requests to need LUA
  • Fixed bug that allowed Input and Condition names to begin with a number.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Inputs and Conditions to have the same name.
  • Fixed Renaming of conditions to also rename fix the names in Notifications.
  • Change the default names for schedules to s1...., and device properties to be p1... (previously they were both t1...)
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to have to create a dummy device action before you could use the Advanced tab.
  • Add support for floating point numbers.
  • Turned on Auto Update from my end ... Now you can enable it on your end.

Version 5.2
This fixes some bugs that a few people have noted.
  • Handle case where Input Property or Triggers, or Actions reference deleted devices.
  • Handle cascading of events when using the conditional statement.
  • Minor enhancement ... interval timers that are even multiples of hours or minutes will always fire on even hours/minutes respectively. (i.e. an interval time that runs every hour will always run at the beginning of the hour.)

Version 5.13
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bug when the Off Schedule type was not the same as the On Schedule type.
    • Fixed bug that would not allow arbitrary characters like quotes in the arguments for actions. This was very limiting for Actions that do user notifications.
    • Fixed bug that would not display Device Properties if the device had no triggers defined for itself.

Version 5.11
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix bug in cascading conditions when the condition values was not true.
    • Fix the timestamp for the report date (top of page).
This release only requires updating the PLC

Version 5.1
  • Timers Gone Wild Release
    Support Scheduled Timers (On and Off) on Specific Date for every year  (Use a year of *)
    Support Scheduled Timers OFF at Specific Time (Can be relative to Sunrise/SunSet)
    Modify all Timers intervals from XX Seconds, XX Minutes or XXHours to:    HH:MM:SS notation
    Support Triggering Timers from Actions. In Advanced Tab, Select PLEG/PLTS device; StartTimer Action;  specify timer name
    New Scheduled Timer Types - Self Trigger and Self ReTrigger. These are not started at any specific time, but can be started from the StartTimer action. If you issue a Start Trigger to any timer, and it is already running ... it is ignored, except for the Self Retrigger type. In that case the Timer interval starts over.
    Modify Report Status ... to show the current state of the timer.
  • Fixed 5.0 Bugs
    Removed the code that tried to delete old state variables ... it was causing problems.
    Fixed bug that required an Action be defined before entering the Advanced Tab for the Actions Editor.
  • Reserved Condition Names:   ARM, BYPASS in PLEG (Already exists in PLTS)
    When Set to TRUE ... these will allow you to set or bypass respectively the current PLEG.
  • Updated online documentation

Version 5.0
  • Support for delayed Actions - Same as delayed commands in Scenes.
    Unlike Scenes, if Vera is restarted during the execution .. the delayed actions will still be run.
  • Input Timers have new functionality. You can optionally specify a duration that the associated condition will be true. This eliminates the need for two timers and a sequence expression to represent a time period. Optionally the ON time and duration also support random delays to give a less Automated view.
  • Remove the funny notification associated with input triggers. Since it's gone ... you can't delete it and delete all of your triggers !
  • Various cleanup on the User Interface and Report and Status pages.
  • This completes the major restructuring started in version 4.2

Version 4.6
  • Fix Handling of Lock Triggers for a specific ID
  • Fix Handling of Armed Sensor Triggers
    Should also fix some other lock related Triggers

Version 4.5
  • Record Trigger, Device Variable, and Condition times with ms resolution.
    This should allow sequence expressions to differentiate the order of events that happen almost concurrently.
    Status reports now use a standard format that includes ms display.
  • Fix a bug with literal numbers and strings in the conditional expression.
  • Fix a bug with using wildcards for PIN #'s for locks.
  • Add support for conditions to fire every time they are evaluated true ... not just the first time.
    The condition name needs to start with an underscore i.e.  _Always
  • Fix a bug when referencing the PLEG's Armed variable.

Version 4.4
  • Add support for a Status button on the control tab. This is similar to the Report, except it shows the current state and time stamp for Input Triggers, Device Properties, and Conditions.
  • Fixed the Report so it works properly on Internet Explorer

Version 4.3
  • Some bug fixes in handling sequences. And fixing cases where some Actions were firing when they should not have ... Actions are only supposed to fire when a condition first becomes true. In some cases it would fire on subsequent evaluations being true, without the expression every evaluating to false in between.
  • Some changes to reduce the stress on Vera in the context of a burst of events. A burst of events could cause Vera to restart because it thought there was a dead lock.
    I still have some changes to make ... but this should reduce some of the stress and was a mandatory first step.

Version 4.2
  • The definitive Fix for the the problem of Phantom Actions caused by issuing a Save as opposed to Finish in the Action Editor

Version 4.1
  • Add Conditional Statement Support
    XX ? YY : ZZ
    Which is interpreted as if XX then YY else ZZ
    The XX expression must evaluate to true or false. If XX is true then YY is returned. If XX is false, ZZ becomes the result. This expression has the lowest precedence of any operators, use parenthesis to explicitly control the order of evaluation.
  • More Cleanup of actions

Version 4.0
  • Fix the problem of Phantom Actions when PL plugins are deleted.
  • Find and Delete hidden scenes left over when deleting PL plugins

Version 3.1
  • FIx a bug when an input trigger had no events
  • Comparison intervals (associated with > and <)  for Sequence and MultiClick expressions can now be a variable. Not terribly useful until I implement some conditional logic.

Version 2.9 .
  • Prevent Users from entering spaces in condition names in PLEG
  • When you rename your condition, it will automatically rename the action in PLEG
  • The PLTS and PLEG devices now support a RunScene action. So you can now run a scene from an Action. (Previously you had to create a trigger for a scene where you indicate that the specific condition has been satisfied.) This is only available in the Advanced tab for Actions definitions.

Version 2.8
  • A problem in the execution engine that did not handle cascading conditions.
    This has frustrated people, wondering why there code was not executing.
  • A problem with the new condition Editor corrupting the data if you used string litterals (single or double quotes). This corruption rendered the PL device totally unusable.
  • Identified the cases that could cause the User Interface (Inputs, Conditions, Actions) to not load ... It will now gracefully inform the user of the problem and load as much as possible.
A few other minor bug fixes.

Version 2.6
  • Bugs in editing the Interval, and Initial Switch State for PLTS
  • Interaction bewteen the PLC and Vera Alerts
    I had the same function name in both places ... with different implementation. That's a No-No in JavaScript ... and I know better!
  • Remove Actions when I delete conditions for PLEG. Still need to clean up Notifications. They do not hurt anything, but they look bad in the Report

Version 2.5
  • A Report button on the the Control tab.
    This generates a report showing all inputs, conditions, actions, and notifications for the PL device. This is useful to share your configuration with others ... or just to be able to see everything in one place.
  • Allow Conditions to be wrapped onto multiple lines in the display. Should help with those longer condition expressions.
    NOTE the condition expression is still just a single logical line!
  • A Condition Editor ... You can use this to optionally edit your conditions. It is also helpful in that it lists all of the expression options you can place in a condition expression.  A quick mouse muti-click on the condition text will expand the text selection ... more clicks will expand to a wider selection. This is useful for checking the scope of nested parenthesis expressions.
  • PLEG has the options to order the expression statements.
  • Modify how data is accessed and saved in the PLTS conditions tab. You will now be required to do a save when you change intervals, and/or condition expressions.
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Re: Program Logic Version 5.4 is available
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2013, 06:52:38 pm »
It was making me completely mental - I re-loaded VERA from last night's backup and restored my sanity.

I am going to update again tomorrow and will post status reports if I run into the same kind of problems.
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Long Live UI5!  (OK finally made the switch to UI7 in January 2018, and am pretty happy....)

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.4 is available
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2013, 12:27:17 pm »
Updating via the instructions linked above worked great - without the issues I had with the uninstall/re-install method.
Long Live UI5!  (OK finally made the switch to UI7 in January 2018, and am pretty happy....)

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.4 is available
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2013, 12:38:09 pm »
Inputs to PLEG no longer show up as triggers in the Vera CP under Automation/Triggers?
Long Live UI5!  (OK finally made the switch to UI7 in January 2018, and am pretty happy....)

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.4 is available
« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2013, 02:53:38 pm »
No-  That was part part of the early design with PLEG (prior to 4.0).
This was the source of a lot of instability in PLEG. I was trying to use some Vera data structures that were not documented well ... After 4.0, I quit using Vera's internal data structures ... and stability has been better since then.

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #6 on: December 16, 2013, 12:04:08 pm »
Version 5.5 is available.
Various bug fixes and some new features:


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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #7 on: December 27, 2013, 11:19:54 am »
I tried installing version 5.5 (first time trying to use RTS's plugins) and keep getting an error when installing from the apps marketplace. Included screen shot.

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #8 on: December 27, 2013, 01:21:42 pm »
Go Back to Vera and see if it's there.
The MCV market place sometimes times out. Even though it installs properly.

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #9 on: December 27, 2013, 02:30:32 pm »
Just went back to Vera (using UI4, Vera2) and it's not anywhere in the dashboard. Would I expect to find an icon in a room or section somewhere? Logged out of Vera and then logged back in, tried to install v5.5 from the apps store, same error.

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #10 on: December 27, 2013, 03:30:43 pm »
UI4 is not supported.

- Garrett

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #11 on: December 28, 2013, 01:33:51 pm »
Hi Guys

Trying to access PLEG today and keep getting this for a very long time :(

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #12 on: December 28, 2013, 01:40:39 pm »
If this is a new install: make sure you install the Program Logic Core plugin as we'll.
Then refresh your browser (F5)

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #13 on: December 28, 2013, 01:46:28 pm »
If this is a new install: make sure you install the Program Logic Core plugin as we'll.
Then refresh your browser (F5)


Thank you :)

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Re: Program Logic Version 5.5 is available
« Reply #14 on: December 29, 2013, 06:00:34 am »
Since updating to 5.5 (and day night to 1.5) some of my logic is triggered even tho some inputs indicating false.

For example

_OutsideLight      tNight and (tNight; RHome) or (tNight; AHome)

AHome    Arti Home is turned on
RHome    Richard Home is turned on
tNight    Day or Night indicates Night time.

It triggers in the middle on the day even with day or night plugin indicating false and when one of the home switches goes from true to false (someone leaving not what I want) or when we come home (what I want). Cycling the day or night plugin is fixing the problem.

I didn't have this problem before.