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Author Topic: EtherRain sprinkler controller  (Read 85692 times)

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Re: EtherRain sprinkler controller
« Reply #120 on: January 16, 2014, 01:31:46 am »
I am getting the same behaviour as francoislegrange and Mikey where everytime I switch on one of my devices I created, it switches all of the devices on the same Etherrain controller on in Vera. Although all the valves are not opened, the software shows that they are all in the "on" position and I receive email alerts for all of them being changed to the "on" position.  I'm also getting some false triggers where throughout the day I get notifications that the devices turned on and off - again don't think the valves are actually opening.  This is only happening on my Etherrain devices.  Anyone have any fix for these issues or know what I might be doing wrong in the set up?  All of my devices on the same controller have the same IP and MAC address so is it the way Mikey explains that since the controller is on, Vera sees all the devices with the same IP on and notifies that?  I'm running UI5 with Vera lite and the QuickSmart Etherrain 8 Sprinkler Controller v 1.1*.  I have 2 Etherrain units networked with one powerline adapter to a network switch.  Appreciate any and all help.

Does anyone have a fix or any advice on this at all?

I have recently installed the EtherRain plugin and while it appears to be working ok I am getting several notifications throughout the day of my valves opening and then, seconds/minutes later, they close again.

I have three valves / 3 devices and it occurs on all three pretty much simultaneously. Like others have said I'm pretty certain my valves aren't actually opening - which is a good thing - but it is, if anything, quite annoying.

I don't have any triggers or any scenes running my sprinklers, purely just for manual control at present and am lost as to what could be triggering the valves to keep turning on and off.

Any assistance would be appreciated.