Author Topic: Trane 400BB won't wake up! Reports temps but won't allow changes  (Read 1046 times)

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Hi all!

I have a Trane 400BB Zwave thermostat that, for the most part, works great with my Veralite...
Usually have no problem turning up the temp from my iPhone app or the web interface in the morning, but recently the Trane has been ornery and although it REPORTS the temp to the Veralite just fine, it will not allow any CHANGES to it...I just get the "retries" message through the web interface (or the iPhone App) and the temp eventually just jumps back to the initial reading and it won't budge.

In the past this has happened occasionally, but would rectify itself after a few minutes after the Trane "woke up" or something.

Now it just sits there and never seems to allow changes to be made until I physically adjust the temp on the unit itself...then the Vera will have access again.

While the Trane wasn't waking up, I reset the Veralite but that didn't help.

I know it's not a connectivity issue as it DOES transmit it current temp - it's just ignoring the transmissions TO itself.

Has anyone else out there experienced something like this "One-way only leave me alone I'm sleeping" problem?

Maybe I can tell the Vera to send "wake-ups" to it more often? I have tweaked the various Zwave settings on the Vera to try and get it to poll devices more often, but maybe I'm missing something in the Trane device itself or the Vera device for it?

Thanks everyone!


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Re: Trane 400BB won't wake up! Reports temps but won't allow changes
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2014, 08:53:24 am »
I'm experiencing the same issue.  I've got two Tranes in my rental property and they're both reacting the same way.  I had to upgrade to Firmware 1.5.672 several months ago because of other issues I was having with door locks.  Not sure if this issue is related to the upgrade since I haven't directly interacted with the thermostats since they're normally completely automated.  Only discovered when the recent hurricane forced tenants to depart and I tried to shut down house.  Appears to report temp (or is just showing last reported temp?).  Can't poll directly.  Won't respond to any commands.  Vera works with other devices.  Power recycle didn't resolve.  Welcome thoughts.

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Re: Trane 400BB won't wake up! Reports temps but won't allow changes
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2017, 07:11:10 pm »
Ever get a resolution? Me too however mine is a Evolve T100R I believe they may make this for Trane.