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Author Topic: Help with NX-8E and NX-8E-FP-7-RF  (Read 4591 times)

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Help with NX-8E and NX-8E-FP-7-RF
« on: February 06, 2014, 03:21:34 pm »
I recently purchased a Interlogix security system (NX-8E-FP-7-RF), based on some conversations on this forum and the ability to interface with Vera.

The kit includes the: NX-148E-RF LCD keypad

I am trying to add a wireless transmitter (PLUNGER-G - ION Security GE Compatible Wireless Door Sensor) through the procedure below, but not having much success.  One thing I could use help with is I am not sure if the receiver is ready to receive the trip signal from the sensor or if the sensor is not sending the trip signal.  What does the display ready when it is ready to receive a trip signal to add a transmitter?  Could someone with the same system help me out?

Add transmitters
To add transmitters to the touchpad receiver, do the following:
1. Enter * 8 at the touchpad.
2. Enter your program code (factory default is 9 7 1 3).
3. Enter the device number (Table 2) and press #.
4. To load factory defaults and clear unwanted information in
memory for new installations, enter 9 1 0 #.
5. To determine the starting zone number for the specific
touchpad receiver on new installations, set the receiver zone
bank (Location 594) The bank setting is based on the zone
capabilities of both the receiver and the panel and must be
set before you add (learn) transmitters.
6. Enter 400 # to enter the sensor (transmitter) learning location.
7. Enter a zone number (1 to 192) and press *. Three beeps
from the touchpad indicates an entry error. This occurs if
you enter a transmitter number that is not within the
receiver?s zone block or if you try to learn a transmitter that
is already learned into the receiver.
Note: If you change your mind about your entry, enter 400
# 0* to terminate programming and start over from
step 6.
8. Trip the desired transmitter (within 250 seconds) as described
in Table 3. Listen for the ding dong for confirmation.

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Re: Help with NX-8E and NX-8E-FP-7-RF
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2014, 11:47:48 am »
hello mustang the default address for your set up should be 192.
so *8 9713 192# 400# 00? * trip sensor exit exit