Author Topic: How to revert UI6 back to UI5?  (Read 22328 times)

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Re: How to revert UI7 back to UI5?
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2014, 10:29:37 am »
I have tried multiple times to revert to I5 with no luck. The "upgrade" fails. Is there a way to download a .bin file and update the Vera?

Have you called Vera support to get the force upgrade flag reset?

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Re: How to revert UI6 back to UI5?
« Reply #31 on: November 03, 2014, 05:29:08 am »
Hi there everyone! I'm a newbie at the forum and using Vera and had the same problem some of you had after trying to downgrade the unit to UI5. My dashboard is completely blank and when I click at the "Advanced settings" I just get a blank page with the message "404 - Not found". I understand you managed to fix it, right? Can you help me please? Thank you very much in advance!! Best, Daniel

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How to revert UI6 back to UI5
« Reply #32 on: February 28, 2017, 09:02:05 pm »

How to back up all the folders/files created in Knowledge base?
I have accidentally deleted a folder before and I cannot find it anywhere so I have to do it all over again.

Can you please advise how can I create a back up for all the files in Knowledge base?

Thanks in advance.