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Author Topic: Newby in Need of Info/Help  (Read 1183 times)

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Newby in Need of Info/Help
« on: February 13, 2014, 06:06:10 pm »

I am new to his form and just stumbled on the micasverde & mios options..

I just started researching and collection some components to start setting up my system.

So far I have the PowerMax+ with the RS323 + PowerLink module.

I have not programmed and installed any of this yet. Waiting to move into our new house :-)

My Questions so far...

- Do all these items work together? I have been reading some older post in the forms, but I am not sure what the latest status is.

- I believe yes, but ...Can I use the Powerlink Software at the same time with the Verde software/system?

- Is there any specific order that makes things easier? Install order Hardware / Software ?

- Does the Verde system see my Camera feeds from Visonic / PowerLink?

My last 2 questions...

1) Any suggestion for good/cheap alarm system monitoring company's that accept my setup with self install?

2) My new location is Los Angeles, CA any installers / users in that area that I can connect with?

Looking forward to your feedback, very excited to start setting up my new system...

Grtx Marc