Author Topic: Adjust Nest based on Door/Window Status  (Read 196 times)

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Adjust Nest based on Door/Window Status
« on: May 28, 2018, 10:09:14 am »
Hello - I have a SmartThings hub now, which does not have native Nest support.  There are ways to make it work, but I'm considering swapping to a Vera (Plus?) if the scene's have enough flexibility to do what I need.  Here is a quick summary:

1) If doors are open for more than 2 minutes - stop cooling. Then resume upon closing
2) If all doors are closed and no motion detected for 30 minutes, go to away (the Nest does this now, but Eco temp is limited).  When door or motion detected, auto resume from away.

Getting it to trigger of a direct action (ex, if door open then do this) is pretty simple, however the time delay and reset is the concern.  It looks like Vera allows some custom scripting.  Do you think the above is possible?

(FYI - trying to come up with a lower cost, wi-fi enabled version of Coastal Green Air iPachie system for a rental unit)

Thanks in advance!