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« on: March 16, 2014, 01:07:08 pm »
Hello, Im new here ans also a newbie in homeautomation. I living in Germany, sorry my english is not so good. I make a little zwave network at home with a VERA 3 , a plug socket, a repeater (aeotec) and a temperatur sensor ZME_ITEMP. It should works in my greenhouse. I see in my VERA, the sensor had no neighbors. In the manual is written:
It is possible to set the node ID to 255 to send wakeup notifications as broadcast. In this mode device takes more time to
go to sleep and drains battery faster, but can notify all it's direct neighbors about a wakeup.

I works not with batteries in my greenhouse, I have a little solar panel 12v battery and stability DC/DC converter to 3V for the sensor. So is the battery not the problem. My question is, how i set set the node ID to 255. The range from VERA to sensor is to far but between is a reapeter and a socket.
Thank you for your help