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Author Topic: Enhancing the Aeon Smart Switch Watts Detection Latency  (Read 986 times)

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Enhancing the Aeon Smart Switch Watts Detection Latency
« on: March 19, 2014, 01:32:23 am »
Hi All!  I'm looking to have an Aeon/Vera Smart Switch to detect whether my Living room TV is on or off...based off Watts used. 

What would normally be a zippy 10 seconds needed to monitor energy costs now needs to to get cut down to 2-3 seconds.

Is there anything in the attached device options screenshot that I can change to make this detection report quicker?

WMC Leviton:18xVPE06,8xVRS15,3xVRP03-W,2xVRR15,4xVRCS4,2xVRCS2,VP00R,8xVRS15 Aeon:5xDSC06106,4xDSC24,4xDSC25,12xDSB29,2xDSC11,4xDSB54,DSB05,3xDSA22,DSA38,2xDSA03202B,DSB09104,HEM Other:3xYale,12xHSM100v3,7xSP103,45604,WDHA-12,SSA2USR,EVLCD1T,6xWWA02A,7xIPC-HFW2100,URTSI,Hue,Russound,OpenSprinker