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Has anyone been able to get the "Orbit Iris Hose Faucet Water Timer" from Lowes connected to Vera? I verified with Iris tech support that it uses z-wave to communicate with there Iris hub it just does not have the same paring instructions that you normally see with other z-wave devises.

I was curious about this item as well.  According to the information I got from the Lowe's site, it is zigbee. 

"It is a zigbee device. However, any Iris range extenders will work with the hose tap timer, even though the range extenders are z-wave."
Posted by OrbitIrrigation
4 days ago

I called their tech support and they told me it was z-wave, but clearly it is different than then other z-wave devices as it does not pair then same. Might be ZigBee. Anyone else seen or heard anything???

I just bought this as well.  It does not appear to be Z-wave as there is usually a z-wave logo on the packaging.  There is a mac address inside the battery compartment which I have never seen on any Z-wave product.  I think that it is zigbee but not sure.  Does the Iris extender allow vera to communicate with this device?  Any advice/info would be appreciated. 

Lowes also has this 12 station sprinkler controller that is IRIS compatible. I assuming its the same type of communication as the hose faucet, but we still seem to be unsure what that is.

Anyone look into this? Anyupdate? 


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