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This uses the Android's Location Services for Geo-Fencing.

* Interactive Google Map or Address based location definition.
* Multiple Locations
* Multiple Fence around a location - Can be interactively specified on the Map.
* Separate Entry and Exit actions
Actions Include

* Alerts:

* Vibration
* Tone
* Text To Speech
* SMS Message
* Vera Commands

* Run a scene
* Turn On/Off/Toggle a Virtual Switch
* Turn On/Off/Toggle a Multi-SwitchSupports Multiple Veras with a mixture of UI5, UI6 and Direct (VPN) access.
Option to defer commands until phone is unlocked with a warning tone.
* Rapid Update Action
If you want high precision when you arrive home, create an a fence with a slightly larger radius, and use this command to enter high precision location for the specified interval. This uses more battery power during this interval.A plugin to take advantage of the features of this app to facilitate home automation will be coming soon.

Richard, great to hear.

I've downloaded it and tried it but I get a STOP immediately on trying to open it. The background task is apparently running, the icon is in the notification bar. But if I try to open the app itself to configure it, it says it has stopped. The background icon goes away and reappears almost immediately but the app still does not open.

I installed it on an HTC One X+ running Android 4.1.1. Reported to you through Google Play also along with system data

FYI, l also  installed it on my Nexus 7 tablet and it mostly works. I say mostly because it does open and allow configuration but occasionally does crash.

Price? The play store states that it works unlicensed for 30 days. What' the cost after that?

Will the afore mentioned plug-in be another $5?

Ok. So questions/comments:

1) I see that it needs registration. I'm fine with that, but maybe a popup the first time you open the app to let you know would be nice. I'm sure it has a grace period to "try it before you buy it", but I'm not sure, so I bought you a beer (paid for 1 license) :) I did not see this until after my test, so I may try and retest. Some of my other comments may then be moot.

2) Will it actually work without a registration license for a period of time? My initial test showed it did not work (I set an entry vera action AND tone, neither happened though it showed me outside the fence and then back in it). (I see the post above mine says 30days unlicensed, so never mind)

3) What is the "smallest" fence you would recommend? I did .02 since that is right around my lot. Understand that when opening the app, it actually had me pinpointed in the exact location on my log (My office). There was very little error in it's locating me.

4) When I leave or enter my fence, my phone is in a state of "wifi" confusion as it is trying to figure out if it can connect. Will the app attempt to resend the command X times until it knows it went through? I noticed when I left that I got a popup stating "No data connect". I think it was from this app. It could have been authomation though as I had it up to check on the multiswitch status

5) If the icon is not in the status bar, is it working? I found I had to open the app to get it to work. This seems like a bit of a hassle. Once it was up there, it stayed for a period of time. I'm hoping this works like iViri/iPhone locator in that it just runs in the background and I don't have to actively initiate the app.

I think that is it. I'm anxious to get this working so I can play with geofencing :)


--- Quote from: Z-Waver on May 02, 2014, 02:16:04 pm ---Price? The play store states that it works unlicensed for 30 days. What' the cost after that?

Will the afore mentioned plug-in be another $5?

--- End quote ---

$5.50 per "client". I assume that means per phone/tablet/etc.


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