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Author Topic: SimpleWave for Vera 1.0.6 - Now includes Camera Snapshots & Configuration  (Read 1039 times)

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We're happy to announce the release of SimpleWave 1.0.6 which is available in the AppStore today.


SimpleWave for Vera 1.0.6 just made it easier to see what is happening.  With this latest release you simply set a trigger for your Vera compatible camera and SimpleWave for Vera will automatically send you a notification and also add a snapshot to your camera roll at the same time.  It is easy to adjust your configuration to match your needs.  Here's what's inside:


Camera Event Notifications - provides notifications of scheduled or motion triggered camera events including background / remote notifications

Add to Camera Roll - with cameras enabled in the notification section,  you'll receive an alert as well as the related recording which will be downloaded into an iPhone photo album titled with your controller name(s).

Camera Event History - since there is an alert for every camera event, they can add up quickly, so we added the ability to easily clear -camera event history which is configured on the single camera view screen.

@HOME (Premium Feature)

Family Distances - expanded @Home to include the distance of any family user who has logged into the controller in the recent past. This may be used to see if a family member is home or away.

Personalized Settings - Yes, every family member can have it their way. It is easy to setup a Vera account for each family member and then SimpleWave for - Vera delivers a customized experience for each user that includes Family Distances, GeoScenes triggers when leaving / arriving home, notifications, snapshot storage and more.


- Improved login performance over a cell connection
- Improved messages for any Mios connectivity issues
- Improved weather conditions with our new provider forecast.io
- Dramatically smaller app footprint
- Faster screen transitions


- Enable camera video for UI6+ on cell connection
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