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Vera and Lennox iComfort thermostat

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Does anyone know if the Lennox iComfort  WiFi thermostat can interface with Vera?  I know some other devices like the Nest that operates on WiFi have been able to talk with the Vera, I was just wondering if anyone has heard of it being done, or any hints on how to get it done.  Thx.


Im a Lennox Dealer and have talked to the engineers that designed and wrote the code for the iComfort controls.  They have told me that Lennox would NEVER release the API codes.  I do keep bothering them, trying to see if they would change there minds, but no luck. 


Thanks for the heads up.  It's a shame though that they're taking that position.  Keeping closed systems like that is what keeps fragmenting home automation controls.  That's why we're seeing big names like Google and Apple jumping into the arena hoping their way will bring everyone together.  I guess we'll just wait and see.!  Cheers.

I know.

Its crazy,  I have the API codes so I can take files off of the Lennox server and mirror it on my company site.

On my dealer portal, I can see all the iComfort's I have installed.  If the home owner gives me permission, I can see there control and what the system is doing.  It would be a simple thing for the engineers to do, but I know Lennox and it will never happen unless they get something out of it.


I came across these while digging for a solution to this problem. Based on this, my guess is that someone who is decent at developing add-ins could probably build something functional. I'm not competent enough to do it, but I'd be willing to pay for an add-in if someone wanted to build one....


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