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Author Topic: Introduction to VeraMate [Feat. GeoFencing/iBeacons/Voice Control/Watch & more]  (Read 50349 times)

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Does the VeraMate app have to be open for Geofencing to trigger a scene?

Pre iOS9, no.  But iOS9 has broken some functionality - VeraMate 10.2 (hopefully Apple will release in around 5 - 7 days), will fix this.

I use iPhone 6 with iOS 11.2 and VeraMate Premium

I have managed to setup an iBeacon in VeraMate, but for some reason it triggers the scene only if VeraMate is in the foreground or background.
When I remove the app from the background, it doesn't trigger the scene.

In Settings, I have General --> Background App Refresh -- VeraMate set to On
Privacy --> Location Services -->  VerMate set to While Using the App

I am almost sure that also the VeraMate's GeoFencing scene triggering stopped in cases VeraMate is not in the background, a thing I am SURE was working in the past.

I know that Apple has changed something regarding Location Services settings in iOS 11, and I think the issue might be coming from the lack of selecting "Always" for VeraMate's Location Services.

Is there anyone who has VeraMate's GeoFencing / iBeacon working without the running in the background, with iOS 11?
Are there any plans to fix this?

Edit: Just noticed also others have issues with GeoFencing after upgrading to iOS 11. I really hope VeraMate will update his app soon.
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Hey all, wanted to just check in and see if anyone knows if this was ever solved. Having the same issue on my iphone which just went to iOS 11


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The developer is not very active and I have not seen him post anything in months. Personally, I have used the iPhone Locator plug-in with great success.

From what I have read, the Vera iOS app also is hit or miss on geofencing.
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watchOS 4.3.1 it displays a message that says, "The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility".

If you tap OK, it will still run the app though, which suggests Apple won't drop support when the official watchOS 4.3.1 upgrade rolls out.  Instead many are speculating the upcoming watchOS 5 will sound the death knell for those apps built using the oldest SDK for the watch.

Under IOS12 NOT WORKING the Prof. version, and the developer not very active.....

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