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I have been working on a blue iris plug for my personal use. I have written vera plugins before so I don't see a problem eventually getting this to a point where it works flawless.
I currently have camera ability with PTZ working and if need username and password can be configured.

I plan on getting on integrating Blue Vera Triggers into vera. I currently have them working but they are hard coded in. I want to integrate them into the plugin. After I get that done and tested I will then publish it to the MIOS marketplace.

Download here

Downloading as I type. Noticed in your install.txt you refer to a zip file to download. However all I can find is an xml file. Which I copied off the webpage to a text editor and saved as I_BlueIris.xml

I then uploaded that file to Vera and created a device following your instructions. Unfortunately I am not able to find the CameraName variable in the device it created.  It's telling me Camera URL is invalid. Also it created a device named IP Camera Ext instead of Blue Iris CAM #XXX.

I used the link

Very grateful you started work on this.

Update: for some reason the created device had for Impl_File 'filename: I_BlueIris.xml'. Once I corrected that to I_BlueIris.xml, it allowed me to add the CameraName variable and set it to the one camera I wasn't able to get vera to recognize but BI has no issues with. And hey presto. Image!

After the next reload the name changed to Blue Iris CAM #devnumber

Thank You!!!

Nice, thanks for testing it. Yes the zip download is on that page and can be found in two spots. I circled them in the screenshot below.
Working on Motion Detection device support as we speak.

UPDATE: Motion Detection Sensor is now working and can be enable per Cam! I should have it uploaded and documented tomorrow in github repo

Version 0.3 has been uploaded with Blue Iris motion sensor support.

Grab the latest release here:

I also made a how-to video on installing and configuring a cam and motion sensor.

So Blue Iris requires a computer to be on all the time? Is there an option if that is not possible?


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