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Re: Vera Blue Iris Unofficial Plugin
« Reply #660 on: November 14, 2017, 11:00:06 am »
I setup my first camera using this plugin (installed via apps).

However, now I have another camera in BI so I wanted to add it to Vera.  I go to the app information and click "Create another" and a few seconds later get the "Device Created" message box.  However, there is no camera.  I've tried this a few times.  Am I doing something wrong?  VeraPlus on UI7 v0.6

Did you put in the corresponding Camera Name from Blue Iris? Typically Cam1 and Cam2 etc.

The first camera works great, but I'm trying to add my second camera in Vera.  I can't get it to generate another camera in Vera so I can set those variables.

Should that create another button generate a second camera for me to adjust the settings of?

Yes it should.

Try update app then reload the lua and refresh your browser. They click create another, reload lua and refresh your browser.