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Author Topic: Some switches (lighting devices) not showing up when on same wifi as Vera  (Read 875 times)

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Firstly, great app! I've gone through a fair number of apps for my iPhone, but this is definitely the best one for me!

I'm having a trouble with some of my lights showing up when I'm at home. I can see the lights when I'm away from home, but not when I'm at home and I assume its connecting directly.

The Z-wave lights are showing up fine, but the lights that aren't showing up are ones that I've written to connect to my CBUS system. They do show up as lights fine for everything else, so I'm not sure what would be missing for them.


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Hi peteinau,

I'd be happy to investigate adding support - Just need the 'schema' for the device. Email me and we can chat about it if you'd like - mark at simplewave dot com

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