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Well I had been planning to get a Rainmaker, but their continual delay in releasing an API has put me off. Then today I came across these new 6 and 12 zone units that it looks like Hydrawise just released, and it already has an API

Has anyone picked one of these up yet?

Never heard of hydrawise until you posted. Do they have their API documented publicly?

I have opensprinkler. There are so many new network capable controllers now that I don't think anyone has a good idea how they compare. I'm always looking at who has done the best software for my needs and interest. How these devices should be integrated with Vera is an interesting issue.

Personally I wouldn't put a irrigation controller into "production" until it's been on the market and there's substantial public evaluation. The feedback on the few controllers that look forward using weather forecasts is not particularly good. New companies really have no idea if they will be successful at doing predictive irrigation until they have substantial real world use of their device.

The API link I included above says to contact them for the API documentation. I suspect that they, like a few of the other players, are trying to protect the document. Obviously not an effective security tool on their part. One of the reasons I am looking at these guys is the feedback on their meters. It appears that the meters have been very well received.

They do allow the creation of an account without purchase of a controller so you can see how the system works. Once you create the account you can generate an API key and request the documentation. I just did that. The integration that they've done with Weather Underground is pretty interesting. It's worth creating an account just to check that out.

I went ahead and took a chance and ordered a 12 zone unit. I'll post back once I get it and the documentation on the API.

I opened a test account, and I like the software. It's not too ambitious with it's weather monitoring. It intends user involvement for best results, which I like.

They seem to be using Weather Underground, same as the weather plugin in Vera. Since hydrawise is a commercial WU user, they need to pay for the service. That's probably one reason for their $5/month charge for more advanced features.

I think someone wanting significant integration with Vera would probably use opensprinkler. I think someone wanting a finished product with weather forecasting already integrated may prefer hydrawise.

The hydrawise api may not add much Vera functionality in actual use. Any changes from Vera may conflict with the hydrawise cloud programing. Vera and the hydrawise cloud can't both be running logic to perform functions such as setting the rain flag or ramping up irrigation. The API might allow an easy way to show hydrawise status on vera screens, however.

I don't see Vera as usually being the appropriate place to do valve control with any net-enabled controller.

Good thoughts. Keep in mind that the base service is free.

I just got a copy of the API document. I emailed back and forth with the writer of the document and he said it would be okay if I posted the doc to the forum so everyone could get a look.

He said: "We're happy to help with any questions that might come up from anyone doing the integration."

I'm not a dev, but after going through the doc, it does look like it's possible to do a good bit more than just pull config and usage stats.

Hopefully a few folks who are more capable can take a look as see what kind of work effort would be required to build an app.


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