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ok, thanks!  I've made the request made to your support addr. 

I also added the request in there to have a language-neutral representations of the data values, alongside the existing display-only form (in all cases), so I can avoid having to parse the data out for graphs and HA Scripts (etc).  8)

BTW: It looks like once you create an account, you cannot change the email address of that account.  I've tried a bunch of different ways (using latest Chrome) and can't get the editor to pop on the field.  I ended up just creating a whole new account to handle the email-address change (I'll let the other age-out)

If I can make a few comments, suggestions for capturing a ton of the DIY HA market... which IMO no one has done properly.

The 'smart irrigation' market is becoming very crowded. Specific to the DIYers, they all seem to have fatal flaws in one way or the other.

In general, here's what DIYers want...

No Subscription fee
 - this is why were are DIYers

No requirement for internet/cloud connectivity
 - it needs to be able to completely run (and updated) without a the internet

Full featured API for local apps/devices
 - people want to integrate it seamlessly into what they use to run their entire home (Vera, Homeseer, etc)
 - don't gimp the API
  - allow users to provide whatever internet weather service, sensors, etc they want

What most regular users want...

Start/Stop watering based on local sensors and internet weather service
 - Rules to tell the controller not to water that day & X number of days after depending on the amount of rain. e.g. if it just rained 5 inches, don't water for 3 days after.

All schedules stored and controlled locally, no need for smartphone/web or internet connectivity.
 - this helps greatly when you have a yard maintenance person, requiring smartphone access is not going to happen.

Hold/Skip modes
 - this allows users to specify specific zones to be bypassed for a specified amount of days.
 - Several uses like... having a party in your back yard (say 3 zones) and don't want those watered the day before (so it is not wet) and the day of (so people don't get blasted with water)... but you want all other zones to act normally.

I?m thinking of trying to integrate my Hydrawise into my HA system. Did anyone write a plugin for the Hydrawise?

Not a plugin but the below lua scripts should help other people control their Hydrawise zones using virtual switches.

Fetch All Zone Data - Used to get the relay_id's for each zone, just use this in your browser.

--- Code: ---<YOUR_API_KEY>&tag=hydrawise_all
--- End code ---

From the above, use the relay_id's to trigger events on your watering zones. Eg.

--- Code: ---local status, result = luup.inet.wget("<YOUR_API_KEY>&action=run&relay_id=<ZONE_RELAY_ID>&custom=<WATERING_TIME_IN_SECONDS>", 10)
--- End code ---

Stop watering a zone:

--- Code: ---local status, result = luup.inet.wget("<YOUR_API_KEY>&action=stop&relay_id=<ZONE_RELAY_ID>", 10)
--- End code ---

I've used a virtual switch and created a scene that fires this lua code to turn it on for 20 minutes, i also included a delay action to send the STOP watering API request 25 minutes after starting, obviously it would have turned off already but this will bring the switch back into line (off position).

I then created another scene to issue just the stop API request when the switch was turned off so i could turn it on and off whenever i wanted.

Hopefully that helps someone.

Greg, thanks for these! They work perfectly!

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