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Cant login to local Vera3 when internet down

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Is there a way to access/login to my Vera3 (from my local network, no remote access) when my internet connection is down?

I've noticed that when I access/login to my Vera3, I get the MIOS login screen.  When I have internet service, this works fine (user/password).  But when my internet is down, I cannot login to my Vera3 (it acts like my password is bad).  I connect to my Vera3 over wired LAN connections and do not use the built in Vera3 Wifi or gateway functions (I have a separate router for all that).

I'm really concerned that when I lose internet, I lose local access to my Vera3 too.  I can see the Vera3 is still running and acting on my schedules and such.  I just can't get to it.

Does it really absolutely require an internet connection just to allow local network access?  Is there any way around it? 

I'm really hoping I'm missing something because the idea of not being able to administer my Vera3 when there is no internet is a potential deal break for me (if that is the case).

Any pointers/help/calming noises would be very, very much appreciated


Calm Down sounds like your getting a little crazy!  ;D

All you have to do is type in your VERA local IP address in the web browser. No internet is required. VERA works without Internet.

Address if you have a router should be something like this. ""

It will say when you login or if your already logged in from home it will be in the address bar.


I was afraid I hadn't explained myself well enough.  My fault.

I am typing in a local IP address and I'm able to reach my Vera -- I get the login screen just fine.  Both the Vera3 and mysef are on the same local network. So physical access and such are all fine.

The problem is that once I am at the login screen, my login credentials do not work.  It acts like I typed in the password wrong.  If I do the exact same process after re-establishing my homes internet connection, I can login with the same password.  My password is relatively simple and I'm 100% being typed in correctly.

I've noticed that my Vera3s WAN light blinks rapidly in this case too, but have seen enough mentions of this to confirm this means the Vera3 cannot reach the internet.


I had similar issue once with a Vera3, contacted support and they fixed what I assume some default route issue in my Vera.
I asked support if there would have been anything that I could have done to fix this myself, and the answer was, no.

By default you should be able to access the configuration screen from the LAN, even if there is no internet.

What firmware version is in use, UI5, UI6, UI7?

Had you explicitly chosen to "Secure this Vera" under the Unit Settings tab?


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