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Author Topic: Using INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt with Vera Lite  (Read 10842 times)

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Re: Using INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt with Vera Lite
« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2014, 11:39:11 pm »
Using any Insteon item with Vera (native or Altsteon) requires purchasing the Insteon PLM (PowerLinc Modem).
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Re: Using INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt with Vera Lite
« Reply #16 on: March 16, 2014, 03:06:42 pm »
I have the Insteon LED Bulb. 
To use it with Vera you must have an Insteon PLM.
The bulb looks like a dimmable Light to the Insteon controller.
The one bad thing is there is no local control of the bulb. 
If the bulb is turned off via Insteon it has to be turned back on via Insteon.  Turning power off and back on to the bulb will not make it come on.

The Insteon plug in Lamp Controllers and Phillips HUE Lamps will come on when you turn them off then back on which in my mind is how the Insteon LED Light should work but it does'nt.

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Re: Using INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt with Vera Lite
« Reply #17 on: April 19, 2014, 06:58:36 pm »
How did you get it to work if you don't mind me asking?
I have a Vera Lite and bought an Insteon 8Watt LED bulb to play with and I'm having trouble.
I entered the device code and hit add and nothing really happens. Any help but be appreciated !

Here is the step by step...

1) Put your modem into pairing mode by press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds or longer
2) Either screw in the LED or turn on the power to it if you are using a mechanical switch or plug-in lamp.  The power on function automatically places the LED into pairing mode to pair with the modem.
3) Listen and you will hear a faint double beep indicating it was added to the modems memory.
4) Reload your Vera in the interface.  Once it refreshes and finishes reloading it will state in the message bar that it is configuring Insteon. A new device will show up on your GUI called "_Dimmable Light" and it will state below the widget that it successfully got the message.  The reload sometimes may take 2-3 consecutive tries so be patient and just let Vera do its thing, once its all done, you will get the new widget.
4) Once finished configuring, test it by turning the light on and off a couple times, and rename the widget if you wish.  In a bit it will refresh again this time showing your control options on the widget itself.

Thats it, should be good to go.  I tried the "ADD" insteon device routine but it doesn't seem to work very well, but this method does, I tried it numerous times to make sure.

@rdcole - You are is absolutely correct, the bulb does not support any kind of the Auto-Sense or Load sensing feature so once its included into your controller it is best to control it strictly via Insteon.  Using it in a plug-in lamp with its own switch, in my mind would not be the best use for them, but if you use them in a circuit with wall sconces or any fixture where you do not need local switching seems like the best way to use them.  I agree thats not ideal as they really should have built load sensing into the bulb itself.
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Re: Using INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt with Vera Lite
« Reply #18 on: June 11, 2014, 12:36:43 pm »
I am new to home automation, and brand new to this forum. (So please be patient me as I am still learn the protocol here.)

I picked up an Insteon hub a few months ago, along with a few devices (switches, 8-button scene controller, and 6 LED bulbs)
I was scared off by the idea of port forwarding so I got a VeraLite instead.

I was able to add the LEDs to the Vera pretty easily.  It did not even require me to push the button on the Vera.  I screwed in each bulb (which put it into its "find" mode for a minute or so) and then found it using the web interface.

I also added the switch without any issues.
Though I am still having difficulty getting the scene controller to work.  I'll continue my research and play with it before I give up.


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Re: Using INSTEON LED Bulb 8 Watt with Vera Lite
« Reply #19 on: October 06, 2014, 09:44:35 am »
Glad to hear this works!  To anyone else wondering though the LED bulb never has local control even with Insteon.  I have several with the Insteon Hub and the ISY994 but am switching to Vera, but that's one thing I hate with them.  If you have them turned off, and then disconnect your Insteon network or something fails etc, the only possible way to turn it back on is with Insteon.  So if the controller dies, you have to link it to a new one which is a pain sometimes, just to turn it back on.  It's too bad it didn't serve dual purpose, but I guess it makes sense as otherwise someone would turn it off on the wall switch and then Insteon/Vera could never turn it back on.  Just would be nice if maybe flipping the switch off on off on a few times or something would trigger it to go on and reset.

PS new here, why do I have to enter 4 security words PLUS a capcha phrase?  Logging into my online banking website is a username and password, so kind of funny that a forum for home automation requires 6 things to post lol.  Sadly doubt I'll be using this forum too often if I have to keep googling to post as it's asking questions about mammal's in the world.