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Author Topic: Problem with Insteon I/O Linc Garage Door Opener  (Read 1575 times)

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Problem with Insteon I/O Linc Garage Door Opener
« on: October 16, 2014, 03:12:24 pm »
Hi everyone, just got my Veralite finally and I love it, so much easier to use than the ISY994.  I didn't even realize the UI was so different as I've been looking at manuals that I guess are for the older version but this is really polished.

I was disappointed to find that Altsteon isn't developed anymore though.  I have a few wall switches from Insteon, motion sensors, LED Bulbs, the Insteon Garage I/O linc with sensor, Remotelinc's, leak sensor, and hidden door sensors.  I'm using the native Insteon support as I couldn't get Altsteon working outside the cli and it doesn't sound like it works in UI7 properly anyway.

Anyway question for the garage door opener.  I added it to my PLM and it added 3 devices to the Vera.  There's a sensor which I guess is tied to the open/close sensor, there's the device to control the door, and then there's an IOLinc device.  All show up fine and don't give errors, but I'm having 2 problems.

1) Turning the Garage Door control on opens the door and closes it which is good.  The sensor never does anything though, it always just sits there.  I know this isn't an officially supported device but is there any way to make the sensor work as well?

2) The bigger problem I'm having is that I add the devices to room "Garage" and they show up in ImperiHome fine, however after a few minutes, ImperiHome complains it can't find the device, and when I go back to the Vera they are back under No Room.  I put them in Garage again, then 20 minutes later I check and they are back to No Room.

Number 2 is the bigger one since it prevents me from using the garage door in ImperiHome, not sure if it's just a glitch with the Vera or why it is doing this.  I did a quick test and adding it to the Garage room and leaving it seems to be okay, but when I activate the device with ImperiHome, it works but a few minutes later the Vera puts it back to No Room.  Any ideas?