Author Topic: Introduction to VeraMate [Feat. GeoFencing/iBeacons/Voice Control/Watch & more]  (Read 15446 times)

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Does the VeraMate app have to be open for Geofencing to trigger a scene?

Pre iOS9, no.  But iOS9 has broken some functionality - VeraMate 10.2 (hopefully Apple will release in around 5 - 7 days), will fix this.

I use iPhone 6 with iOS 11.2 and VeraMate Premium

I have managed to setup an iBeacon in VeraMate, but for some reason it triggers the scene only if VeraMate is in the foreground or background.
When I remove the app from the background, it doesn't trigger the scene.

In Settings, I have General --> Background App Refresh -- VeraMate set to On
Privacy --> Location Services -->  VerMate set to While Using the App

I am almost sure that also the VeraMate's GeoFencing scene triggering stopped in cases VeraMate is not in the background, a thing I am SURE was working in the past.

I know that Apple has changed something regarding Location Services settings in iOS 11, and I think the issue might be coming from the lack of selecting "Always" for VeraMate's Location Services.

Is there anyone who has VeraMate's GeoFencing / iBeacon working without the running in the background, with iOS 11?
Are there any plans to fix this?

Edit: Just noticed also others have issues with GeoFencing after upgrading to iOS 11. I really hope VeraMate will update his app soon.
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