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thermometer for Pool/Spa temperature monitoring???

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Is there a VeraLite compatible pool/spa temperature monitor (thermometer) that is available?    I've been having a hard time finding one.   (I don't want a whole control system however which would be overkill plus too expensive - just something that reports back water temperature in a pool or spa) 

Want to be able to (a) see the temperature in the VeraLite interfaces, plus also (b) have access to the temperature via LUA for scripting....

Have a search for in the forums as you can build some cheap sensors and there is already a plugin..


which plugin are you referring to Brett?

Arduino sensor plugin

- Garrett

Note I'm still very interested if someone is aware of an off-the-shelf thermometer for Pool/Spa temperature monitoring I could purchase that integrates with VeraLite. 


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