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Author Topic: ImperiHome PlugIn Suggestion  (Read 866 times)

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ImperiHome PlugIn Suggestion
« on: November 06, 2014, 09:39:46 am »
I suggest that the Plug In be modified to that on;y ONE is required per system rather than one per remote device. Management of the devices and usage wuld then be within the Plug In rather than by individual device. ID of devices by device name rather than IP address to allow for devices not on the local network and for mobile devices.

I currently have three wall mounted tablets running ImperIhome and I love it. I very much like that they can be used to announce voice messages. In my case I use them for camer display and for monitoring and control of the DSC alarm. When Vera is used to Arm/Disarm Vera sends the appropriate message to some to the tablets. When the alarm is violated it send alerts to all the tablets along with the violated Zone name. I'd like to get the violated messages on ImperiHome on my phone and/or tablet when away from home but that won't work because it uses fixed IPs.

But setting up for three independent Plug Ins is a pain in the neck, much better if everything was managed in one PlugIn I think.

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