Author Topic: 'Offset' for known high thermostat readings and correspondong setpoints  (Read 722 times)

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This could be a silly question but I'm new to Vera!

In my case I am using Stella TRVs as both the thermostat and radiator valve, though the solution to this may not be specific to Stellas... I have one now and more on the way.

I know that my  existing device estimates temperature by 1-2 degrees fairly consistently, so I would like the Vera interface and other apps to report temperature less 1 or 2 degrees, and to apply the same principle to set points, effectively hiding the overestimate from view and presenting real temperatures.

There is no technical advantage to doing this, but getting the whole family to remember that for room x to get to 21 degrees means a setpoint of 22, and for room y 21 it is really 23 is a big ask...

I guess this could be done in a roundabout way using other virtual devices but to me that sounds messy and convoluted, and I'm not sure how that would look in my app of choice, Imperihome...

I'd rather just tell Vera that I know this thermostat is off by n degrees amd be done with it. Is there a way to do this using only the genuine Stella devices, is -1 all temperatures reported by this device and +1 all setpoint figures sent to the device?