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Author Topic: Key Fob to unlock doors upon arrival by proximity and immediately lock once shut  (Read 1812 times)

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I am new to HA but I was wondering.  Is there anything out there that with scripting can allow my door to unlock as I arrive and then lock back automatically after five minutes once I am inside and the door is shut?  I am thinking along the lines of how new cars have a key fob that unlocks the door as you arrive for anyone who has the fob.  I am assuming that I would have to place the keys away from the door.   Is there any sensors out there that once I start up my steps (before I get to my door) it will trigger the door to unlock if I have a key fob?   

I really want my doors to unlock automatically without having to punch in a key code or open an app but only for someone with a fob or some other security measure (id app??)

I'm not too techie, but I can generally figure this stuff out after many attempts.  I just didn't know if such a thing even existed. 

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I'm not sure of how to do this using Vera.  There are other products on the market that can do this:


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I'm using an iBeacon to do this along with the iViri app and it's working flawlessly for me.
I have a Schlage z-wave doorlock.

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I have an Android phone.  Using Tasker and Autovera plugin, my phone automatically disarms my alarm, turns on my lights, and unlock my front door based in GPS.  And then PLEG automatically locks the door 2 minutes after I enter the house and close the door.

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I'm using the DD-WRT presence script for this.

When my smartphone connects to my roouter, a multiswitch button is flipped on which fires a scene that disarms the sensors and unlocks the door from the garage to the house (I purposely not have it open the garage door) and after 10 minutes locks the door again. (Giving me enough time to eg get the mail or recover the garbage/recycle containers from the curb.)

When my smartphone disconnects from the router, the multiswitch button is flipped off which fires a scene that locks all doors, arms all sensors and switches of my audio system if it's still on. If I forgot to close the garage door it will let me know so I can remotely close it.
I am contemplating having Vera close it after it lets me know.

Total cost $0 as I my existing router already runs DD-WRT and the script is free and can be found in these forums.
Reliability is about 98%. Every so often it takes my smartphone a bit longer to connect than normal and I manually have to unlock the door as the scene to do so has not been fired yet.
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