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Author Topic: VeraLite + 1.6.641 - problems with enabling USB logging  (Read 4769 times)

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VeraLite + 1.6.641 - problems with enabling USB logging
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:15:09 pm »
There is not much info available about what the requirements for making USB logging to work are  :(

1. For instance is there a minimum and/or maximum size of the USB stick used? Do only some brands known to work or can just about any USB stick be used?
2. The little information there is claims that the stick should be "new" but this is not very good info - some stick come pre-partitioned or even pre-formated with FAT, FAT32 etc? Should it be empty (i.e. not even a primary partition or should there be a partition (what size?) that is not formated etc)...
3. Do one need to "power cycle" the Vera after inserting the stick or not?
4. What is suposed to happen "after the 20 minutes" have passed? Once I actually managed to get so far that some messages was printed in the status bar at the top (it even neded with an "ok" or "sucess") but after that status was still not mounted etc and the "box" for USB logging was not ticked any longer...

Hope this very annoying problem can be fixed soon or that at least reliable information about how to work around it can be provided!!!!