Author Topic: Vera Controlled Alfresco / Lounge Speakers New Install  (Read 715 times)

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Vera Controlled Alfresco / Lounge Speakers New Install
« on: February 12, 2015, 05:00:00 am »
Hi everyone.

New to the forum and to Vera in general. Yet to purchase anything, but making plenty of notes and dreaming about long turn achievements.

I have a lounge room that opens up to an alfresco outdoor area and would like to..
-Have in-ceiling speakers on two Zones
-Be able to have zone 1 or 2, or both playing
-Be able to stream spotify, radio, airplay, TV
-Controlled by vera and incorporated with whichever tablet software I choose (imperihome is looking the most promising)
-at this stage I DON'T need 2 separate sources playing on separate zones at the same time. (This is assuming the system is separate

Couple of options in my head at the moment
a) Audio device  > Zoned amp > Zone 1
                                            >  Zone 2

Which seems obvious, but I have no idea what audio device will give me an easy vera interface, and I like to do things on a budget so a zoned amp is probably just dreaming. So below is my 'in head' working solution.

b) ?device tba?  > cheap audio switch w/ ir remote > cheap 2ch amp w/ ir remote > Zone 1
    Second Input >                                                > cheap 2ch amp w/ ir remote > Zone 2
I then thought I could use an iTach or equivalent ir to ip and assign functions that way. To control volume and zones, and at least start the last playing stream / playlist.

How have / would you do it and with what equipment?

If you could please explain how you have it interfaced with vera and how easy it is to use that would be great.