Author Topic: Solved! -- How to Keep your Cooper RF Master/Accessory Switch always in Sync  (Read 9218 times)

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I?ve read with great interest the 2 threads on how to keep Cooper Aspire Master and Accessory switches in sync (?Cooper Aspire RF Master/Accessory Association?, which links to ?Solved! -- How to Keep your Cooper RF Master/Accessory Switch always in Sync?).  The good news is that my 2 devices stay in sync 95% of the time.  The bad news is that the Accessory switch loses sync about 5% of the time, mostly not syncing when the Master is turned off, and on rare occasion when the Master is turned on.

My setup:
--VeraPlus controller, up to do date with firmware revision, UI7
--I have about 20 Z-wave devices in my network
--Cooper Aspire 9501 Master switch ? located about 10 feet from my Vera controller
--Cooper Aspire 9517 Accessory switch ? located about 10 feet from the 9501 switch, and 15 feet from the Vera controller
--Both Cooper switches purchased within the last year

Cooper Aspire RF 9501 switch ? working properly (local push on/off control of the light) and included in my Vera network (on/off control of switch via UI7 and in a scene, and via Vera mobile app)
   Device name: FL3Switch_Basement
   Device #37
   Settings tab - Automatically configure: Yes
   Device options tab
            Associations - Group ID: 1; Set to: FL_Family_Switch (checkbox) --> apply
            Configuration settings ? Variable: 10; Data Size: 1 byte hex; Desired value: 1 --> save
Cooper Aspire RF 9517 accessory (slave) switch ? installed and initialized in Vera
   Device name: FL_Family_Switch
   Device #48
   Settings tab ? Automatically configure: Yes
   Device options tab
      Associations ? Group ID: 1; Set to: FL3Switch_Basement (checkbox) --> apply

Then, just for good measure:
Dashboard, Settings, Z-Wave Settings, Advanced, Reload Engine
Dashboard, Settings, Z-Wave Settings, Advanced, Update Neighbor Nodes

Confirmed the following settings
9501 switch (device #37)
   Advanced tab, Variables tab ? AssociationSet: 1,48; AssociationGet: 1,48,; 
9517 accessory switch (device #48)
   Advanced tab, Variables tab ? AssociationSet: 1,37; AssociationGet: 1,37,;

Seems like the next step for me is to create a scene using the Advanced Scene editor ? but that?s where I?m stuck (instructions from ?shallowearth? of Feb 28, April 12, and April 15, 2015).  Specifically, there is 1) no Action that I can add to ?Set the Target to True (1) to match the Master switch? (Feb 28 message), 2) I?m not familiar with LUUP ? and thus don?t know what to do with the suggested LUUP code (April 12), and / or 3) I don't understand how to ?toggle commands? after setting the Category ID from 14 to 3 temporarily on the Accessory switch (April 15) to ?trick Vera into offering the Get/SetTarget Commands for the device?.

Suggestions or instructions? Is there an ?Introduction to LUUP? that I can review to learn what to do with the code? Thanks in advance.

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Make sure you are scrolling down in the advanced editor list to get to SetTarget, it is listed at the end (or should be, see attached).
If you are sure it is not listed, try selecting ToggleState instead (this will not do what you want and will likely make your syncing problem worse, but try triggering the scene a bunch of times, then go back and delete that command and see if the SetTarget is now available instead).

If your switches are taking a long time to notify Vera of a state change (you mentioned like 2 second+delay),
Add group 255 to your associations and set association for group 255 to "1" which is also called "Vera" in your device list (see attached).  This can assist in the signal getting back faster to the Vera.

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ShallowEarth - thank you for the helpful reply (and your many contributions to this thread).

First the good news.  Curiously, by adding the service ToggleState via the Advanced Editor to the master switch (Cooper 9501, named FL3Switch_Basement) targeting the 9517 accessory switch, named FL_Family_Switch), the 9517 accessory switch has stayed completely in sync for the past week, regardless of how the switch was activated. If it stays this way, I am inclined to just call it mission accomplished.

Now for a few additional queries.

Background: I have 3 sets of floodlights around my house on 3 separate circuits.  My goal is to have the lights act as one set of lights controlled from 4 different locations. Three of the locations each have a 9501 master switch, the fourth location has a 9517 accessory switch linked to one of he 9501 master switches, FL3Switch_Basement.

1. So I am a purist at heart.  In the Advanced Editor there still is no SetTarget option, even after a week of regular use of the switches.  See attached screenshot. Ideas (especially if ToggleState does not do the job long-term)?
2. I have tried to follow your instructions to add group 255 to my associations. But there is no device called "Vera" in my device list. I did add group 255 successfully to the 9501 switches (controlling the floodlights), however this has not fixed the delay problem (where the other switches can take 2+ seconds to respond).

On a related note - I have two 9501 switches in the same junction box (one controlling one of the floodlights, the second to a different circuit).  When I depress the right switch (which is wired to an outlet), the left switch (which goes to one of the floodlights) gets confused and does not seem to send (and will not respond) to z-wave commands for 5-10 seconds.  Thoughts?

Thanks again.  James