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Author Topic: AEON Panel Power monitors- not sure WHAT the ap is telling me?  (Read 838 times)

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I'm an Electrical Engineer who installed the Aeon taps on the main coming into my home. It's gathering and reporting data, but I'm not sure what it means.

1. Often the total WATTS is vastly different than the sum of the two 120VAC taps (which is impossible, electrically speaking).  Right now its over 2X the sum of the two 120VAC taps.

2. Last night the KWH were both reporting about 500. I switched on the home A/C (which is 220VAC). ONE leg jumped to 4400 KWH, the other stayed at 500. This doesn?t seem right when adding a 220VAC load. They should have jumped about equally.

3. I switched OFF the AC today at 7AM. Now, 4 hours later, the total watts is still very high, even though the AC been off. The two 120VAC watts have dropped back to about 600 or so.

4. Whatever the number is AFTER KWH xxxx.  , it's ALWAYS zero.

5. One day the battery will read zero, the next 95% ...

I'm saving logs to a USB stick- eventually I'll yank it out and see what I can tell from it?

Are these behaviours normal? Doesn't seem like the taps reflect real usage very well. Or the Ap is buggy?

Also under settings, what is the "Energy Used" value for ?
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