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Author Topic: Vera Edge with Vera Alerts guideline for newbies ?  (Read 2442 times)

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Vera Edge with Vera Alerts guideline for newbies ?
« on: March 26, 2015, 03:34:06 pm »
Just wanted to be able to send notifications to my smartphone at certain events.
I installed the Vera Alerts app on my Vera Edge.
But now I am (as a newbie) completely stuck...
How to continue ? Is there a guideline how to set this up from the start ?
For most information that I found, expects that you have already a lot of knowledge.

And how can I remove the app, if I cannot use it after all ?

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Re: Vera Edge with Vera Alerts guideline for newbies ?
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 09:23:50 am »
I just went through the same process and might be able to give you a few tips. I'm a newbie too, but trial and error worked after these issues were resolved. I assume you installed VeraAlerts plugin and installed the app on your phone (mine is a Samsung Galaxy S5).

  1. In the main web app for VeraEdge UI-7, select Devices > VeraAlerts > Profiles. Select New Profiles.
  2. Open the NEW Profile drop-down and choose Vera-Alerts-Mobil.
  3. In the VeraAlerts ID box, enter the 12-characters found on your phone under Settings > Device Identifier. I put my initials followed by a space in the Message Prefix just so I would know where this message came from, but I don't think any prefix is required.
  4. Be sure to click Reload Luup; now and often. Be patient and watch the top of the screen for progress messages.
  5. Shut off all the Vera UI-7 built-in alerts. Do this in User & Account Info > User Info (uncheck the boxes for Send a text, Send me push, Send me an email (and ignore the bad grammar in the last two, me me me).
  6. Test by going to Devices > VeraAlerts, scroll down to Send Alert. You should have your username and Vera-Alerts-Mobil under "Users". Check one or both boxes, type a message, and click Send.
  7. Go to one of your devices (I selected a door lock), scroll down to Notifications and add a few. Operate the device and look for VeraAlerts to arrive.

There might be a wait time after initial setup for the cloud servers to update, I'm not sure. When mine started working it sent three or four messages at once. After the initial group, the messages come as soon as they are generated.

I love this app because it puts all the alerts in one place and allows me to scroll the history. Using built-in text-message method is cumbersome because the texts spread over multiple threads and will eventually make a mess of your text system. Using built-in email similarly crowds your email program with alert messages. Neither built-in method organizes and stores the history as conveniently as VeraAlerts.

Good luck,
Dave in Austin