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Irrigation control with relay switches

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After looking at all the options, the simplest seems to be using multi-relay switches.  I watched a video where a rancher used outdoor plug-in z-wave devices to control sprinklers throughout his ranch. He found that the switch would work with 24vAC. Running with this idea I purchased three Vision ZL7432US dual relay units. I took the old 24vAC transformer from an existing controller and connected it to the power leads on the relay and paired it with Vera and it works perfectly. I can send the 24vAC from the power leg to either output leg. The units are tiny and it only takes two units to run my system however I purchased and installed a third for expansion. I don't doubt there are other posts here about this but I have not found them so thought I would post to see if anyone else had better ideas.

UPDATE: I added a photo showing everything ready to go except wiring to the valves which will terminate on the right side of the terminal blocks. It turned out more compact than any irrigation controller available.

This looks really interesting.  I'd like to do something similar.  I have seen 12v DC solenoid water values that fit garden hose.  Could you explain your system a little more as I dont understand how the wiring works.  Thanks.

In the photo I installed three duel relay units. The way they work is they have a hot and neutral AC wires. The hot or black wire not only powers the internal electronics but ties through the contacts of each relay output to another wire;  it's this output wire from each relay that powers the sprinkler.  All the white wires (neutral) tie together in one way or another. In my case I use the terminal blocks as you can see in the photos. The source AC is simply my old sprinkler 120vac to 24vac transformer.

Interesting, I wish I had known sooner. I was looking for a low voltage AC switch for something else. amazing that the relay can be powered with 24V AC. It is the same relay as the monoprice one by the way

I guess I look at 3 z-wave relays at 40 to 44.00 each, so 120.00 to 135.00.

I bought my Open Sprinkler for 99.00
Has internet weather, built in programming, phone apps, web UI, vera plugin, 8 zones vs. 6 with optional expansion and more.
You menchined size, and open sprinkler fits in your palm and is about 2 inch thick.

I'm trying to see the benefit and unless your not using it for sprinklers I can't see much. What am I missing?


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