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Author Topic: Launch of the UI4 project and new UI team leader  (Read 8071 times)

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Launch of the UI4 project and new UI team leader
« on: February 12, 2010, 03:05:42 pm »
We recently released a new user interface for Vera, UI3, which we had hoped would be received, but, in fact generated quite a bit of criticism.  In response we have brought on a new UI designer, Alex Elisei (forum user: mcv_alex), who will head up a new team to begin development on a new UI: UI4.  To ensure UI4 meets with customer approval, we have setup a new forum, UI4 discussions where screen shots and concepts will be presented for public discussion and critique before being implemented.

In Vera, the back-end engine, which is the brains that does all the work, is completely separate from the user interface, and does not ever change.  So, while UI4 is in developement, users will be able to choose between UI2, UI3 or UI4 knowing that the engine and core functionality are the same and just as stable.