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Author Topic: UI4 Wishlist and other crazy ideas  (Read 7559 times)

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Re: UI4 Wishlist and other crazy ideas
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2010, 10:35:26 am »
Reply to DSH2009:

I currently have 3 Panasonic IP cameras and using the Panasonic "multi-camera view" page of the panasonic IP software, you can see multiple cameras streaming almost live video, every 3 seconds, from anywhere in the world.  Locally, you get full live video and sound, and with a speaker at each camera you can have 2 way sound.  You can have up to 16 cameras displayed on one page and they can be anywhere.  This is way more than Vera seems capable of and I see no reason to try to integrate it.

I have not yet set my cameras up with Vera, but when I do, it will only be to have all my devices in one place.  I don't want to try to recreate the camera monitoring function inside Vera.  Just being able to see the camera is on when I check on Vera is enough for me.
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