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Author Topic: Two Minor Issues with SimpleWave  (Read 1974 times)

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Two Minor Issues with SimpleWave
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:20:08 pm »

SimpleWave almost always works flawlessly for me but I have noticed two issues when using the app to control my z-wave system.

1) Having the premium edition of SimpleWave I receive notifications for my Hvac system -- controlled by a WiFi Radio Thermostat CT-80. I have my iPhone set to show banner ads for SimpleWave and so when say for instance my thermostat kicks on the heat for the house, I get a nice banner alert for a few seconds on my iPhone showing me what's going on.. "Thermostat Living Room is Heating 60 - 65 degrees". In SimpleWave, that notification shows up under the "events" section, but it's cut off because each "event" can only show two lines of text and the thermostat notifications are longer than that. It cuts off the part where I can see what the unit is heating or cooling to. Not the end of the world mind you (as I know or can look up my thermostat's set points) but it would be an added benefit to be able to read the complete event notification and not have it cut off. Could the events section be modified somehow to display the full length of text in an alert and not have it just cut off after two lines of text?

2) I use the iPhone Locator App along with PLEG to controls aspects of my z-wave system based on my distance from my home. I am forced to utilize the iPhone Locator App rather than use SimpleWave's built-in GeoScenes because my wife and I both have an instance of the iPhone Locator App running to track both our locations. If I'm home but my wife leaves, the PLEG utilizing the plugin knows to not arm any sensors. If however we both leave, the system knows to arm the sensors. The GeoScenes would only work for one individual user, hence why I can't use it for my scenes

... anyway, long explanation short, when it comes to the iPhone Locator App plugin it runs very smoothly with SimpleWave except for one instance for me -- showing my actual distance from my preset "home" location. It seems to mis-represent my distance by almost halving it. For example, if I'm actually 10 miles away from my home in SimpleWave the iPhone Locator App plugin under the "@Home" section will show I'm only say 5 miles from home. The GeoScene ID for my Vera under the "@Home" section however will always show the proper distance. When I'm on my Vera dashboard, the distances are displayed properly so I'm not really coming to the conclusion that it's the iPhone Locator Plugin. It just seems like these distances aren't being measured properly for the plugin under SimpleWave. Any ideas as to why the distances for the plugin aren't being measured accurately??

Also, total sidenote, but is there any thought of voice commands for SimpleWave?? SimpleWave has the sleekest interface of any z-wave app out there, which is why I love it -- however, other z-wave apps like VeraMate have a voice command feature as a premium add-on that will fire off commands for individual devices or scenes using Siri and a voice prompt. The function can even be set to be active at all times just so long as the app remains open. Something like that would be ridiculously useful (not to mention cool) to have as a feature for SimpleWave down the road. I love voice commands, but as cool as the feature is SimpleWave IMO still has the best interface so I wouldn't give up using the app just because it was lacking voice controls.
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