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Author Topic: Scene is not repeated after first trigger  (Read 597 times)

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Scene is not repeated after first trigger
« on: May 02, 2015, 07:06:00 am »
I started using my Vera Edge yesterday. I bought it along with 2 Fibaro FGMS-001 motion sensors and the AEOTEC ZW080 siren.
As I am not sure how the motion sensors will behave in the two storage areas I will be installing them in given temperature and traffic passing by I set up the following test-scenario:

When the motion detector is armed and detects a motion the siren it switched on immediately and stops after 5 seconds.
The scene sends out an e-mail alert.
When I test this scenario it works fine, no matter how many times I repeat the test.

However, when I arm the motion sensor and have it detect a movement, the siren goes off for 5 seconds the first time. After 20-30 seconds the siren goes of again, of its own, without any trigger.
When I then manually switch off the alarm, the next trigger does stop as expected. Only to be followed up by the additioal alarm after 20-30 seconds,

What am I overlooking? What is causing this "ghost" trigger?

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