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I went to the Orlando Pool/Spa Show yesterday and got to get my hands on the new Intermatic MultiWave system. It is a small 5 relay multi-instance switch.  It works out of the box with their new zwave remote (improved over Iwave model).  The controller can manage and report water temperature on the fly.  The device also has an RS485 input for additional expantion of devices that can all be controlled by the Zwave remote. The remote allows for extensive expansion of scenes and pages for each device it adds.  The pool controller has a detatchable antenna housing on the top of the unit so that you can place the antenna at a better location and attach it to the unit via Ethernet cable.  They plan to add an additional Eth. jack to the antenna so that you could essitianlly daisy chain to other antennas to create a zwave web of repeaters. 

I just hope that MCV can get some optimal control over this equipment and still allow the remote to function as designed.  It is supposed to be available in April.

Here is a link to the product sheet for anyone interested in this type of equipment:

We are getting more info on these and I will post as I find out more.

These are up on the site now. MCV needs to verify support.

Does anyone have this?

Yes, we have several that we are testing and installing.  They are not operating correctly with VERA out-of-the-box due to all of the multi-channels and features.  MCV is looking into one of my units and is actively working on getting it running with VERA as we speak. 

As far as using it with the PE953 Controller, it works great.  Intermatic is planning to make some modifications already for a few more features to release next year.  As for now, this does the trick.


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