Author Topic: ThermoPlus AS2 RF and Thermostat Mode Command class  (Read 2255 times)

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ThermoPlus AS2 RF and Thermostat Mode Command class
« on: March 02, 2010, 06:41:02 am »

Hi, I recently received this reply to my query about the as2 rf :

'The ThermoPlus AS2-RF along with is accompanying ASR-RF (Relay box) has
been initially designed as a closed loop system, i.e. it will not
function with or cannot be controlled by other Zwave peripherals.
However, both units will sign onto a Zwave system and act as repeaters
for Mesh capabilities

That said, the ASR-RF (on it's own) is controllable by any Zwave enabled
controller which supports the Thermostat Mode Command Class.
I'm not
familiar with any devices from other manufacturers that support this,

however individual data sheets of alternative controllers would provide
this information.

Our future development plans are to provide the ASR-RF as a binary
switch, which is supported by a far wider number of peripherals.  This
would allow a handheld remote control to override the current relay
status set by the AS2-RF.'

The underlining is mine. Can anyone at micasaverde confirm if vera has thermostat command class support? and if so may it be possible to control  the AS2-RF?

the ideal implementation for me would be if i could set the cut off temperature via vera, which would then be reflected on the thermostat, (in other words you'd be able to adjust the temp from the thermostat or vera and the thermostat would do the rest- this is the most wife friendly option, she doesn't want to mess with vera, if its too hot or cold she just wants to press up or down on the thermostat).

Controling your heating is one of the main selling points of Vera, but in Europe it's just not a reality - (not counting radiator valves, which only give a very limited control).

Anyone thinking of buying Vera or zwave in Europe with the intention of controlling your heating - have a good look before you buy, you may be disappointed with the reality.